The shape of things

The shape of things.

Every single thing that you have gone through has made you who you are today.

The good, the bad & the ugly.

They have all shaped you into who you are now.

It is said that Creator never gives you more than you can handle, that your soul signed up for these life lessons.

Well sometimes I’ve had some quite heated discussions about his faith in me & my abilities to endure & survive.

A long time ago Archangel Michael told me Jenny “just keep the lessons & let go of the hurt, wound, betrayal, fear, abandonment & grief”

It was the wisest counsel & to this day it’s what I always do.

Process then purge.

Transmute & transform the energy from pain & suffering to love & light.

I seek the Souls lesson not the human frailty.

Turn those wounds into wisdom.

Let those scars remind you that you are victorious & not a victim.

Wear them with pride.

You know you have healed when you can tell your stories, and they are the very stories that just may inspire another to hold on or to keep going.

Despite everything you have endured you have survived.

You have learnt, you have grown stronger, you are wiser.

You have worked out who’s friend or foe.

You have survived so much, now it’s time to thrive.

In order to love who you are,

You cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.

You will be tested on your self worth & self love.

You will discover that compassion & forgiveness are vital sacred keys to your healing.

You will find all the aspects of you & love them whole.

You will unearth your truth, belief systems & moral compass.

Otherwise you will always have a void, a wound, a trigger, a vulnerability, an emptiness that you will fill with substances or forms of abuse or negativity, instead of love & light.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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