New Moon Blessings 17/3/2018

New Moon Blessings

Energy Update

Tonight March 17, at 11.41pm (Adel) we have our New Moon in Pisces.

Now this is extra special because we have both the Moon (Feminine) & Sun (Masculine) in the Embryonic & Intuitive waters of Pisces.

Why you ask?

Well all the work we have been doing has been on a deep Soul level.

Working on your I Am essence or Higher Self.

There hasn’t been a single soul I know that hasn’t been doing great soul work, either healing, self nurturing, releasing, past life healing, ancestral healing, soul contracts, or relationship healing.

We are releasing major soul trauma.

In fact anything that no longer serves you on your fast tracked path of personal awakening, ascension & self mastery has been unleashed for you to deal with.

Because this energy has felt like we have been in the birthing canal ready to be reborn, we outgrew our safe place & are being birthed into a new enlightened version of self.

As we round out the zodiac & get ready for a new zodiac year with Aries & the Autumn Equinox on the 20th March.

Equinox brings balance & Mother Nature heralds the journey & turning of the mighty wheel of life, as we are gifted a new moon, new season, new zodiac cycle awaits.

Pisces is depicted by the 2 fish, but they are swimming in opposite directions, so that’s why all month you have felt lost, like you have been swimming against the current, through rough seas, turbulence, murky waters.

So many emotions sadness, happy, joy, free, trapped, irritable, anger, overwhelmed, distraught etc.

Today we find balance,

We are released to go with the flow,

To start our ascension towards the light,

To break through the waters surface & take a breathe.

Both aspects within Masculine & Feminine are free to flow, but where are you going?

We have had Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces for 7 years, yes 7 years, 7 the number of the soul, where deep soul healing has occurred, where we have walked a mighty journey of awakening & ascension.

Chiron is about to shift into Aries.

Cycles within cycles within cycles.

Just like life, it is a spiral.

We continuously go over things just to see how far we have come, or what still needs work.

New Moons herald a time of new beginnings, but this one is special for the Universe is on your side.

A mighty new cycle is upon us.

But a time where we are connected to our Higher Consciousness.

We are seeing things with a compassionate heart.

Believing in & knowing ourselves deeply.

We are called to look past the human frailty, the ugliness that greed & power breeds, to see what is really needed or to see through pain & suffering.

Self, Families, Communities, States & Countries collectively are awakening, knowing that we are all in this together.

People are seeing people now.

Humanity is waking up.

Instead of separation there is inclusion.

Duality there is unity.

Control there is Compassion.

Fear there is change.

Judgements there are opportunities.

If we all come from our heart spaces, what an amazing world we will create.

One by one we link together.

We are finding like minded souls to walk with, our soul tribes, soul mates.

We are finally feeling, sensing & knowing we are not alone.

We are remembering who we are & our purpose.

We are sharing, caring & nurturing each other.

We are those vital links.

We are part of the net of light,

We can transform & transmute energy.

We are only as strong as our weakest link, and we leave no brother or sister out in the dark all alone, we offer a word of comfort or a helping hand.

However we are wise enough to know we can’t do it for them.

But we now have the self worth to no longer sacrifice us.

We are Divine & Sovereign Beings of love & light.

We are remembering this.

We are awakening.

It is time.

So dream those dreams.

Make them a reality.

Believe in you.

Dream your world into being.

It’s time to shine brightly dear ones.

It’s time to be you.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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