Equinox March 20/21

Today we celebrate Equinox/Mabon.

Energy Update

March 20/21

Equinox – Equal hours of day & night

Mother Nature says it is officially Autumn, in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate Mabon.

It is when Mother Nature restores balance.

It’s officially Autumn.

It’s the 2nd harvest, it’s the time to give thanks for your blessings, we reap what we sow.

We give thanks for the last cycles of spring & summer that blessed us with an abundance of food & growth.

So gather some fruit, nuts, grains, Autumn coloured leaves etc & light an Autumn coloured candle eg yellow, green, red, you make an offering and give from your heart space.

It shows you are grateful for what you have received & for Mother Earth, for she has provided all your earthly needs.

The trees throw the most magnificent colours of red, golden, green & yellows as the leaves dazzle in their swan song before returning to Earth, completing another cycle.

So are we doing the same in preparation for this new season/cycle.

In Northern Hemisphere it’s officially Spring & they are celebrating Ostara.

It is also the first day of the new zodiac cycle,

We start a whole new zodiac cycle with Aries arrival.

We are into Aries, a Fire sign, ruled by the Ram.

Aries gifts you the fire in your belly & strength to push through to your new beginnings.

Fire transforms & promotes action.

But beware, Fire can be constructive or destructive, and is the element that must always be respected, for it quickly becomes unbalanced or out of control.

It helps you to digest then ground & push through any perceived barriers.

Your hard work reaps rewards.

New foundations are made strong & forged with passion & action now.

We get to burn off the heavy emotions & energy from the water sign of Pisces, bringing us a deeper connection to our personal power centre & who we truly are.

Traditionally the High Arcana of the Tarot for Aries is the Patriarch, the Ruler.

It asks are you going to ascend to your throne?

Are you ruler of your domain?

It holds the masculine energy so it gifts you strength, courage, ability to forge forward.

You may need to hold your ground in battles.

It can also herald a time where you challenge authority, break boundaries or buck dominance within your world.

You may get feisty & make changes.

You may wave the white flag.

But be careful you don’t aimlessly follow the pack like a sheep, or be a part of the herd, or mindlessly bash your head against a brick wall.

The Ram sees a challenge, puts his head down & charges, locking horns with its adversaries.

This is the energy & Medicine it can gift or stir up within you.

So make an offering of gratitude for all the bounty you have harvested, and watch what other blessings come to your door over this next cycle.

The mighty Wheel of Life is turning,

Cycles upon cycles upon cycles.

Mabon Blessings

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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