Just hold on ……..

Just hold on………

Energy Update

The energy is building & clearing for the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio.

Big deep, dark, shadow self water energy and the spotlight is honing in again.

Yep you’ve got it, death/endings to transformation to rebirth/birth.

So many of us have wondered what hit us over the last month, as many fell on their sword of truth, exploded with pent up rage, had huge melt downs, hit the wall after enduring for too long.

Many relationships bending & shattering under the mighty scales of balance & truth, as well as the magnifying glass of the Universe is upon us.

So as the emotions build, be very aware of your words, thoughts, feelings & actions.

Big triggers will happen.

For you can be guaranteed those very actions will be received with an equal & opposing emotional reaction.

Are you prepared to address, release & express your feelings & emotions?

Well you better for this energy will be challenging if you don’t or resist.

The incoming mighty Scorpion energy can literally paralyse & leave you feeling like you are dying a slow painful death from the inside out.

The Scorpion sting is fierce, polarising & transformational. You either die or become paralysed in your tracks, falling victim to it, or you are victorious, being reborn, transformed, liberated & empowered by it, your choice.

If you are cut off from your heart space, which is essentially being asked of all of us, you will be receiving mighty challenges & truths to shift you to the very place you run & hide from.

If you are feeling like you just can’t keep going, keep enduring, holding on to your pain & suffering, it will reach a crescendo this week.

Allow things to flow.

To release, transmute & transform.

Let go of what no longer serves you.

You know what or whom diminishes you.

The veils between the worlds are growing very thin in preparation for Wesak, where the Ascended Masters, Light Beings, deceased loved ones can draw near & connect with us easily.

This also brings in the very energy that many fear, life & death.

Anzac Day tomorrow stirs many troubled souls & deep emotions from their sacrifices, and we will remember them & be grateful for their sacrifice.

I will write more closer to the Full Moon.

But I woke up hearing I needed to share this info today, to give a heads up of what we are all about to walk through.

As the thunder rumbles in over the ocean to clear the energy, I wonder what storms of life await or are clearing.

But remember, we are all in this empowering, awakening & enlightenment journey together.

The journey of self mastery is in full swing together with the Ascension/Awakening process.

Transformation in motion.

Just hold on & shine brightly dear ones,

When you feel your hope, faith, dreams & strength is all gone, listen for your guardian angels voice, whispering……..

“Just hold on”

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings,

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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