Divine Guidance 24/4/2018t

Driving to the shops I heard, Jenny you will be needed. So of course, on the way back, in the exact spot was this magnificent bird.

A car had just hit it up ahead so I jumped out to save it from being crushed.

It’s wings are stunning, massive & in pristine condition, he even had a piece of hay in its beak, taking his prize back to the nest.

The time I stopped was 11.11

The time I finished was 1.11

On 24/4

The whole time a white butterfly flew all around me as my Magpie sat in the tree above me supervising & happily gwabling away.

Very special, Mother Earth you never cease to amaze me.

When I pray for a sign you sure delivered.

“Just hold on”

Its medicine

You are about to embark on an important journey or learning process.

This will require your dedication & perseverance, yet be very stimulating & fulfilling.

You have just about completed these difficult changes and are about to launch a new beginning.

Love the heirachy at work.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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