Energy Update 9/3/2018

Energy Update

Well it’s been a big energy week, and we still have more to go.

Did you hit the wall this week?

Did you say enough is enough?

Did you have people all around you going through so much emotional turmoil?

What has rocked you, hitting like a tsunami?

Have you observed people showing their true colours?

Have you had people projecting their issues onto you?

Have you put some healthy boundaries around you?

Did you have to withdraw & nurture you?

Have you felt a myriad of emotions?

Have you see who & what still triggers you?

Congratulations you have been doing your soul work.

Since the eclipses & full Moon, we have been challenged to find our worth.

To see what emotions can still trigger, unbalance, fear or rattle you.

This Moon cycle has us dealing with our Earth, foundations, structures, roots, moral compass.

Combined with the intuitive Pisces Water,

but it’s murky or stagnant waters.

It can be filled with illusions, delusions.

Things are not always what they seem.

You are being challenged to face your feelings & truths.

But your answers are not outside of you.

You must look within.

For it’s been a time of enforced introspection as Jupiter, the planet of expansion has just gone retrograde, or reverse.

Just to make sure you haven’t missed or avoided any mighty truths or wounds that remain buried deep inside.

You are being challenged to know yourself & what diminishes you.

As you embark upon this journey of self mastery.

So know this is what’s happening.

Work with the energy, not against it,

If you want to battle, it will be so much harder.

The Universe is flexing its muscles.

Enforced restrictions, reflection & introspection.

Before expansion, consolidation & awakening.

We do not fear what we understand.

In times like this I pray to be shown the truth.

I may not always like what I get,

some are bitter sweet truths,

but I always get shown what I need to see.

I sit, I ponder, I reflect,

I do not react,

Observe all reactions.

Because the truth is the truth,

It needs to be digested,

Words cannot be unsaid,

Reactions can hurt & wound,

Hearts may heal, but they are changed forever.

Wounds get turned into lessons.

Lessons become wisdom.

Then I excercise my divine free will,

From a place of peace & balanced,

So no matter what,

It sits well with me,

My truth,

Transformed & transmuted,

Held in love & light

But I always pray

To have eyes that see the best,

A heart that forgives the worst,

A mind that forgets the bad,

And a soul that never looses faith.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


Published 9/3/2018

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