Energy Update

Energy Update

Wow hasn’t there been a wonderful shift in energy this week.

From when the Mac truck hit us all last weekend, to now.

Mercury has turned direct so all those communication hassles & cross wires will start to flow, you have readdressed how you relate & communicate.

Saturn is now safely home in Capricorn, so we all need to let out a collective big breathe & sigh of relief.

We have welcomed Capricorn energies in now, a Cardinal Earth Sign.

It’s setting the scene for our 2018 Universal Master Year.

Capricorn is all about strong foundations, structures, security, endurance.

Think about all your primal survival instincts, to be seen, heard, safe, loved.

It’s time to ground them all.

Think about the Goat, it climbs steadfastly to the top of the mountain, often perilous conditions, but it’s determined, it refuses to give up. Nothing will deter it from reaching its goal.

That’s what is awaiting you.

But the Goat can also be bloody minded, head down and pioneering forward, often blindly, not looking up to readjust it’s arduous journey, but only enduring & head butting the world & all they come in contact with.

You & others will get hurt, as you aren’t connected to the present, the purpose.

So for now, take a rest, take time to take stock of your journey, rebuild your energy.

This is a marathon not a sprint.

Yesterday we had Summer Solstice & you could feel the life, love & light coming back into your Soul, bringing life back & reinvigorating that tired, exhausted being we all are.

It’s been one mighty year of new beginnings & new foundations.

Our worlds look very different than the start of the year.

We are being released to our new beginnings, new year, new you, new life.

You have permission to rest.

You aren’t responsible for fixing everything.

You aren’t responsible for making everyone happy.

You are responsible for your health, wellbeing, happiness, energy, communication.

Our days of sacrifice are done.

A fallen or broken Earth Angel can help no-one.

As we head into the chaos of Xmas, remember it’s a time of caring & sharing.

The simple traditions.

It’s a time to be with those you love.

It’s a time to get back to basics, family time, good food, drinks, stories & yummy treats.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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