Understanding & Acceptance

Understanding & Acceptance

Have you ever tried in many different ways to get through to someone with no avail?

You may try talking, sharing, reflection, yelling, guilt, blame, pleading, leading by example etc, but you get to a point where you think I’m simply wasting my energy & breath.

That this relationship always hits the same stumbling block?

If they are not willing to open their hearts you can’t make them.

If they are unwilling to consider another perspective, then they will remain in their tunnel vision.

What if they hold on for dear life & bury their emotions, so crippled with fear or pain, that they block or push you away?

Have you considered that they may believe they are unworthy of the level of intimacy, connection, intellect, emotions, friendship or love that you are offering?

Do they simply have a belief system different to yours?

What if this is their journey & lessons?

Despite your best efforts nothing ever changes.

People can only meet you at their level of perception.

So there comes a time when you have to look at why do you feel the need to change them?

Do they even want to be saved or changed?

Do you even have the right to make them grow & change?

Just because you may have chosen to awaken, grown & evolved, that was your conscious choice.

What if their choice is to remain the same?

What if they are absolutely being their authentic self to teach you?

What if it’s not about changing them but changing you?

The hardest process is Acceptance of another unconditionally.

Acceptance takes great compassion, forgiveness, empathy.

Every human individual has the gift of free will.

That’s how we learn, how we grow, how we attract lessons, people & situations.

We all have unique & individual gifts, strengths & weaknesses.

We all have our own soul contracts.

Learn to honour that, then watch the relationship transform.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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