11:11 Gateway

11:11 – The gateway is here.

11:11 Gateway is here & it sure is open, I haven’t slept all night, & that always happens to me when I’m receiving big energy downloads, it’s transformation time!

You may have been reflective, turning inward & retrospective after the powerhouse full moon last week that demanded great releases & much came to a head for many.

Are you feeling delicate, emotional, sensitive of self & your journey?

Have you taken great strides forward on your Souls journey & you are ready to birth the new authentic you?

Have you had to face those fears & deepest hidden pains, once & for all?

Today we have the gateway the double 1 pillars to walk through.

Have you mastered & healed yourself?

Are you ready to birth the new you?

Are you now aware of people, habits, situations, beliefs that no longer serve you?

Well congratulations that’s what Scorpio energy is all about, delving deep into all emotions, the good, bad & ugly.

The shadow side of self & emotions holds the keys to unlocking your greatest gifts & power.

It’s the sign & energy that demands you look at & feel deeply these emotions, you know the ones that have ruled you throughout this lifetime, no doubt, many lifetimes.

It is the time of death or endings creating the space for transformation for rebirth or new beginnings.

There always must be endings, to create the space for transformation & new beginnings.

To know & connect to your higher self.

To empower yourself as you take back that personal power & master yourself & your life lessons.

The 1 is healing self.

The 11 is self mastery

But we have 11 day 11 month, creating the 11:11 gateway.

Like mighty pillars guiding your path forward.

But do you have the self belief?

Do you have the strength & courage?

Are you ready to jump into the unknown?

Is your trust, faith, belief systems & moral compass set to truth now?

Is there a higher power calling & guiding you forward?

These are the questions of self mastery……….

Are you ready to step up, stand tall, talk the talk & walk the walk?

Because that’s what’s being asked of you now.

Are you the Master of your destiny?

Time to awaken, spread those hard earnt wings & fly.

Blessings await for the brave & pure of heart.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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