Transformation Time

Transformation Time

Have you outgrown a relationship or friendship?

Does that job suck the life out of you?

Do you know the pain of having to compromise, shrink or diminish yourself, just to still fit in or stay?

Are you on a different wave length now, finding it difficult to still relate or connect?

Do things that once felt so perfect now feel so wrong?

Have you detached on an emotional level, staying out of loyalty or family ties?

Do you stay because you don’t want to hurt another?

Do you feel empty inside?

Do you yearn for a love that ignites your being?

Scorpio energy will churn all these emotions & so many more like it, up from the shadowy abyss, to challenge you to get real, to face your truth, to finally feel the emotions you have refused or avoided facing.

Only you can know your truth.

Only you know your moral compass.

Only you can set yourself free.

Only you can give yourself permission to love yourself whole again.

Scorpio energy is all about death/endings birth/rebirth.

It is time to get rid of any toxic, poison,

diminishing, crippling, ugly energies, emotions & people from your world.

Be warned, that is the very thing that will eat you alive & destroy you from the inside out.

It may be scary to step out of your comfort zone.

But isn’t it better than keeping yourself small or invisible & growing.

It’s transformation time for you & your world.

Who are you becoming?

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings



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