Big awakenings are happening.

Universally, women & men are awakening to a new way of life.

You are dropping into your heart spaces now, coming from a place of oneness, compassion, unity.

No more power struggles, control, greed, seperation.

From here you get to connect to the whispers, yearnings & wisdom of your soul, your divine I Am essence.

But to do this it takes great focus on being present, in the now.

Not worrying about your future or looking over your shoulder at the past, but being really present in the now.

Now is the only place you have influence over to change & evolve, from the place of now, both the triggers/attachments of the past & fear of the future, will take care of themselves.

You start to connect deeply to heaven & earth, gaining a sense of belonging.

You start to feel connected to nature & all living things.

You start to live your life this way, connecting to the seasons & cycles.

You start to disconnect from all the bullshit, limiting beliefs, toxic environments & relationships.

You start to sense your worth.

You learn to set healthy boundaries.

You learn it’s ok to say no.

You stop people pleasing, and start looking after your own happiness.

You learn it’s your life, your journey, your hopes & dreams.

You learn that you deserve to be loved, to be supported & to be seen.

You learn that you deserve so much more.

You start to connect & see what an amazing soul you truly are, full of love, compassion, kindness, happiness, free, hopes, dreams, visions, knowing, trusting, illuminated, empowered & on the path to self mastery.

So be gentle on yourself dear ones, be brave, you are shedding parts of you & discovering your authentic self.

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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