Rainbow Love

Rainbow Lorikeet

Wow, what a sacred blessing this is.

After yesterday’s historic announcement, that all can love freely & equally in Australia, the sacrifices of the rainbow people of our nation has ended.

As I honour it’s sacred medicine, I have been asked to help assist the transformation & transmutation of this energy, bringing it out of the shadows & returning it to its essence of pure love.

Now I know my sexuality hasn’t suffered the same oppression in this lifetime, but I do know the oppression of women, of our sensuality & sexuality, of its challenges & sacrifices for many lifetimes.

I also know the isolation, feelings of abandonment & judgements from society for being different from most, for as a deeply spiritual soul, until I found & liberated myself, then finding my soul tribe, I walked that lonely path.

It’s medicine

Be discerning who you speak to, staying clear of gossip.

Study the power & effects of light & colour.

Be alert to new ideas, new beginnings, new directions.

Renew & revisit something you have always dreamed of doing, as now is the perfect time to act on it.

Your work with colour & light holds deep healing for others.

Wow, the heirachy never cease to amaze me.

This has shown me many emotions & prolific healing is happening now on the sacred level of heart & soul.

Your I Am essence.

May this be a symbol of hope, that there is light & a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

These are going to make very sacred medicine tools for me.

I also just learnt colour & light vibrational therapy.

Feeling very humble, grateful & blessed.

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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