How true this is…………

How can you possibly know how something feels unless you have lived through it & experienced it.

Grief, I hear people trying to tell me about grief with absolutely no compassion or understanding of how it actually is. So when I ask them who they have lost, most reply nobody or one. When I explain the process I hear ooohhhhh, I didn’t know, I thought they were rejecting me, instead of realising their partner is just comfortably numb & trying just to survive.

Betrayal, have you had a betrayal that cut you to the very core. I know I have and I’ve said you could’ve put a knife through my heart & it would’ve hurt less. It shatters you into a million pieces.

Trust, how many have abused & misused your trust? Do you have a brick wall up around your heart for protection? Do you keep people at arms length? Trust can take years to build and moments to shatter.

Love, how many have had their heart & soul shattered?

How many of us give love a bad rap, once you have received any or all of the above life lessons.

But love didn’t hurt you.

Someone who doesn’t understand love hurt you.

Someone who is deeply pained or suffering betrayed or shattered your trust.

But you know you don’t have to take that anymore, our time of self sacrifice

is over.

So this is where the Laws of Karma come in.

You reap what you sow.

Like attracts like.

For every action, there is an equal opposing reaction. The Law of Cause & Effect.

So be aware of your actions are they causing these reactions?

What Karma are you serving & ordering?

What energy you put out into the Universe & your world will return to you, even 3 fold.

So be aware if your thoughts, words, intent & actions, for YOU ARE responsible for every one of them.

I know what energy I always try to be in, live in & spread, positivity, love & light with a healthy dose of truth & integrity.

So if you are the one dishing out this negative energy, be prepared to be served a nice healthy serve of your own medicine.

Karma Cafe, you will be given what you deserve or what life lessons you signed up to learn & endure.

Then, and only then, can you truly know how another feels.

Only when you have walked a mile in those shoes can you know.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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