Healing is a process of understanding, releasing, gently unraveling the energetic charge to a situation, person, trauma, fear, grief, loss etc.

Many think that to heal you have to rehash or relive the experience over & over again. That’s not true, you already know it like the back of your hand & have spent a lot of time & energy to bury it.
Yes you can’t deny the experience because denial needs to turn into a level of acceptance.
However, healing is a process of seeing the experience from a different perspective.
You have to be willing to start processing, letting go & releasing the negative emotions.
You start learning & growing from it.
Some forgiveness may be required, not that the person necessarily deserves it, but you not only deserve, but need this forgiveness otherwise the wound will fester.
Boundaries may need to be set.
Coping mechanisms learnt.

It takes great strength to allow your deepest vulnerabilities, wounds or pain to release, opening the space.
It needs devotion of time & effort to work through the healing process.
It takes an enormous amount of self love, self nurturing & understanding.

Remember Healing doesn’t mean it never happened, it means it no longer controls your life, your emotions, your relationships & how you relate or react to others.

Eventually you turn that wound into a battle scar & wear it with great pride.

Remember the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

You will know when you have healed, for you will be able to talk about it without emotions surfacing, triggers or attachments to outcomes.

You will see you weren’t meant to break but strengthen, grow, become wiser, empowered, free.

Love, light & blessings


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