Ascension Symptoms

Ascension Symptoms

Have you noticed you have changed?

Do you still crave the same things?
Have you lost your appetite?
Do you need to spend time alone to recharge?
Have you needed to rest?
Do you still connect to the same people?
Have you made amazing new connections?
Have you started to look at the world with different eyes?
Is there need for change?
What are you discovering about you?
What part are you playing within your circles & communities ?
Are you seeing darkness, tragedy & ugliness unfolding around the world?
Are you seeing the immediate balance or polarity of love, light, compassion, togetherness, the helpers, the change?
Are you being called to a higher purpose?
Have you discovered an inner knowing guiding you?
Are you being called to anchor light or the need to help Pachamama?
Do you feed the net of light, for the greater good?

The mighty Tree of Life.
Long may you grow.
Long may you evolve.
Long may you learn from life’s cycles.

Draw down the golden light through your Soul Star Chakra & Crown, breathing deeply into your heart space & expanding out through the exhale.
Then breathe up the the energy from Mother Earth, connecting deeply to Earth through your Earth Star, or roots.

You must balance, centre & ground yourself regularly as we go through the Ascension process. It is the key to helping you through the integration process.

What are your symptoms?

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


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