Energy Update

Energy Update

Big energy has been downloading all week, shifting, clearing, bringing emotions to the surface, pushing us through any perceived restrictions, as we build to our new moon & winter solstice next week. It is the darkest phase of the moon & year.
As the mighty Wheel of Life turns deep into winter, it’s designed to take you there & within.

What has been shown to you?
Have you had deep old wounds rattled?
Have you been dealt with old patterns in relationships, sabotage, self worth?
Has deep pain come up to be addressed & healed?
Have you been making life transformative decisions & changes & nothing looks the same?
Have you finally learnt your value?
Have you set up healthy boundaries?
What are you fighting for?
Has the path finally started to clear?
Have you been loving you?
Have you been feeling the need to rest or go within?
Have you been pondering on what’s next?
Have you been reflective or introspective about your life & purpose?
Have you been wondering “what’s next or “where am I going”?

Only after you journey into your shadow self do you find what you are looking for, that part of you that you sense or know is missing. The place we sometimes fear, the place we hide our hurt, pain, shame, loss, betrayal, abandonment & broken parts.

For this is the place where our personal power resides, our life force, our I Am essence, our passion, our strength, our light, our courage, the pieces of us hidden in the shadows just patiently waiting for you to love, understand, rekindle, nurture, honor, heal, reconnect to & gain clarity.

It takes great pain to crack you open or shatter your world & belief systems enough to empower you to take the journey within.

What you are yearning for, or feel is missing, is deep within the shadow self.

It is the greatest journey you will ever take.

Do not fear the darkness, for only light can drive out darkness. Your self love will be your divine light to guide you.

Shine that light brightly within for you will become empowered & meet your higher self, your soul. You will become the best version of you, you will Be, you will feel whole again, you will be home. You will love & honor yourself.

Love, light & blessings
Jenny 🙏💜


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