Teachers & Soul Contracts

Teachers & soul contracts.

Everyone who comes into your life has something to teach us.

Sometimes it’s minor lessons, but sometimes we have soul contracts to honor.

Some teach us how to love.
Some teach us to trust again.
Sometimes they arrive in the darkest moments & light your path again.
Some empower us.
Some diminish us.
Some challenge us.
Sometimes the souls contract is the harsh lessons of betrayal, abandonment or self love.
Some may set you free.
Some may mortally wound your soul.
Some may try to bind or control you.
Some may try to destroy you.
Some may be so jealous just because you are you.
Some may hate you for you reflect everything they are not.
Some may be pure light.
Some may have a darkness that consumes them.
Some may want your help.
Some may refuse your help.

But our souls have a contract to honor, lessons to learn, wisdom to gain.
These people are drawn into your life & your world to be that trigger, catalyst, teacher.
You will realise that the good, bad & ugly all have their place, their duty.

I know for a fact it takes a mighty soul to honor a soul contract.
To pay the price of a soul contract and gain the lessons & wisdom is the purest of love & devotion.

But be warned, it will hold a mighty price tag.

To forgive the unforgivable when you learn the reasons why?
To sacrifice yourself for another’s evolution.
To finally understand that they were strong enough to honor & deliver you the unfathomable lesson that shattered your soul into a million pieces, but somehow you survived, becoming wiser, stronger & empowered.

My greatest lessons & teachers came from the harshest lessons.
But I know the lessons have been done, the wisdom gained.
For only then can you look back, with forgiveness, compassion, understanding & love them for their sacrifice & release them & you from our soul contracts.

Bless the people who are the hardest to forgive, they hold the key to the greatest gifts for you & your souls evolution.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings


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