Earth Angels

Earth Angels

Have you ever had someone come to you & you swear they are heaven sent?

That Good Samaritan.
The kindness of a friend.
The one that spoke the words you needed to hear.
The animal that arrived in your life just at the critical moment.
The person who calls you & says you have been popping into my thoughts, then asks, are you ok?
A stranger who arrived to save the day.
The person who stepped into your life when all else left.
The person who sits next to you in your greatest suffering, just so you don’t have to go through it alone.
The teacher who changed the way you thought about things.
The parent who refused to give up on you.
The partner who loved you when you were unloveable.
That friend who understands you like no other.
That person who appears & gives you hope.
That friend who teaches you how to trust again.
That person who delivers the trigger to connect to your soul.
The dear old lady who takes you under her wing.
The kind old man he tips his hat, greets you like a lady & reminds you gentlemen still exist.

Earth Angels are everywhere, maybe you will be blessed to have one appear in your world.

Earth Angels are masters of disguise.

Love, light & blessings


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