Painful Truth

Painful truth

Sometimes I know I get sick of ugly humans & this earth walk gets too hard for a kind & gentle soul.

Many times I shake my head with dismay, exclaiming but how can they possibly treat another human like that?

Or think wow, pull your head out of your backside, stop right there & realise the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Or when you have given such love & kindness, to only be discarded when they used you up & got what they wanted.

What about betrayals?

That use to happen to me a lot.

That was until I learnt to love & value myself.

When I finally got the rude awakening that not all people are the same.

When I sat in total despair, with my hands holding my face, with tears streaming down, praying why, Creator told me, Jenny not all are made like you.

I was told, This is a sad but bitter truth you must learn & master.

That not all speak truth.

Not all have honour, respect & integrity.

Few are real & authentic, cleverly wearing masks of deceit & manipulation.

Many want only power, greed & control.

Not many know how to love & communicate in an open, loving, non threatening way.

When I learnt to say no.

When I finally learnt & said my time, my light, my love, my kindness is extremely valuable & not to be wasted, nor used & abused.

I saw with my old wounds & life experiences, I could have my heartstrings pulled & manipulated, because I survived & could help others.

I learnt that this vulnerability was how I got used. Because I never wanted others to hurt or feel the sadness & loneliness that I know all too well.

I walked a mighty Shamanic Journey healing the Shadow Self, Inner Child, Ancestral Healing, Past Life & Soul retrieval’s, just to reclaim all aspects of me.

I liberated & rebirthed the Child, Maiden, Mother & Crone.

I freed & empowered the Medicine Woman in me.

I had to face, befriend & free the ancient dragon that guards the key to my wisdom, my I Am essence.

I became all of me.

I use to react before because there were triggers, traumas, pain & suffering.

But no more,

Every time I got hurt, it broke me, but it taught me valuable life lessons.

I learnt how to be a better judge of character, listening to my instincts & intuition.

I learnt discernment, just because I can do it, or help, heal it, fix it, teach it, doesn’t mean it’s my job & responsibility.

I stopped enabling shitty behaviours.

I taught people how to treat me, if you don’t treat me with mutual beneficial friendship & kindness, then we have no connection or reason to spend any time together.

I put up strong healthy boundaries around me, my gifts, my time, my sacred space.

I have no problems walking away from toxic people & situations.

I’ve learnt to love myself more now, knowing I’m just as deserving of what I freely give, after the sad realisation that I actually allowed others to dishonour, disrespect & essentially continue to abuse me.

You can’t change how others are, react or feel.

You can’t make a silk purse from a sows ear.

You can’t give from an empty cup.

You cannot give, what you do not have.

But you can change you.

It starts & ends with you.

Take ownership of your life, feelings, emotions, hopes & dreams.

Putting your happiness in someone else’s hands is the surest way to ruin & unhappiness.

You give away your personal power.

Instead, reclaim your essence.

The journey into the shadow self holds all these questions, answers, solutions & more.

But only the brave will journey there.

Or when you finally decide you can’t tolerate the world you live in anymore, the relationships, the ugly humans, it all just insults you to the fibre of your being.

You recoil, then snap, you shatter into a million pieces, then you start to change, but not one second before.

Connect, heal, love, nurture, restore & embrace the essence of you.

Just like me,

You may discover the most incredible soul & human being you have been searching all your life for……..


Then you vibrate differently.

You stop attracting the lower vibrations.

You start vibrating pure, higher frequency vibrations & energy, attracting like minded souls to you.

You open your heart & you attract heart open people.

You travel a spiritual path, you find spiritual people.

If your really blessed you will find your soul tribe, where life is just so simple, they get you, they walk a similar path.

You are no longer abandoned, alone, lost, broken, sad or unloved.

You make sacred connections, finding real friends, real lovers, authentic life experiences.

You will find & have that trusted confidant to share your truth & confide in.

You are so special,

You do deserve to love & be loved.

You deserve happiness, peace, joy, abundance, kindness, compassion, empathy.

Walk your journey with ease & grace,

Then watch your blessings manifest.

You are so worth it Dear Ones,

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


© JB Energising Souls

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