We are all of us, without exception being taken through our wounding.

Both from this lifetime but also energetic, ancient ancestral & soul wounding.

It is a mighty process because it’s this very wounding that contributes to our truth, self worth/esteem, self love, connection or disconnection in relationships.

Our inability to connect, intimacy issues, response patterns, communication, diminishing with fear reactions.

When we come from our wounding or wounding patterns we are defensive, raw, vulnerable, reactive, diminished, impulsive, needy, triggered, shut off, attacking.

We are wounded, shattered, broken.

Hurt people hurt other people.

We are unbalanced & unhealed.

We are vulnerable to be used, abused, prayed upon, neglected, broken down.

When we choose to face the wounding, the fear, the hurt, the abandonment we are choosing to take back our personal power & nurture this wounded aspect.

That is the bravest thing you can do for yourself, to summon self love again.

We have to learn forgiveness, not always for others but for ourselves, for not knowing better or for growing through situations.

We have to learn compassion, empathy, understanding, self love, self nurturing.

We have to learn to love ourself again.

You have to learn & start to believe you are worth it, you are not your past, you will not be cut down, you will not fade away, you will no longer be diminished, used or manipulated, that you are significant & important.

You will take back your personal power & rebuild yourself & your life.

You will cut away the toxic people & situations from your world.

You will begin to pick your sorry ass off the floor, realising you deserve & are so much better than you have allowed yourself to be.

You will realise we teach people how to treat us.

You will not settle for scraps nor be a doormat anymore.

You will realise through that very wounding is your strength, love, light.

You will reclaim your heart & I Am essence.

You will turn those wounds into wisdom & pay it forward by sharing your story to inspire another, showing that yes, it really can be done.

You will awaken, become empowered, enlightened, conscious.

Working through your wounding is worth it, because you reclaim your greatest gifts.

You, your very essence.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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