Welcome Taurus – Energy Update 21/4/2019

Welcome Taurus

Energy Update


Wow today is special & sacred.

Easter Sunday rebirth, as we have a 19/10/1 new beginnings day.

The Sun has just shifted into Taurus, now gifting our soul the energy to stabilise, ground, centre.

Big Earth energy is coming in now for us to move through all the chaos & upheaval we have all endured.

We have all realigned & balanced our worlds.

We had no choice but to see where we self sabotaged, self loathed or diminished us & our happiness.

Now we rest & rebuild.

We now are able to manifest into our worlds what we want, certainly no longer focussing or feeding what we don’t want.

But beware, Taurus is the Bull, and nothing will shift a stubborn old bull if it doesn’t want to move.

The old saying “they charged like a wounded bull in a china shop”.

Terrifying & frightening gripped in rage & anger, causing mass destruction & irreparable damage now, if you go to extremes of anger or stubbornness.

So you choose, which Bull will you be?

Maybe instead be like Ferdinand the Bull, stop & smell the roses, grazing & roaming upon lush green paddocks without a care in the world.

We work with big Earth energy now.

That means all the primal earthly needs must be satisfied.

As well as all the sabotage & insecurities will be challenged.

We all need to be seen, heard, safe, loved/nurtured.

So there is your golden key.

Work on this aspect within you & watch your earth, or world, miraculously gift you abundance.

But this abundance is what will make your heart & soul sing, allowing you to rebirth or reconnect to life.

Bringing in & co-creating heaven on earth.

A place to call home.

A place where you feel whole & belong.

Heaven on Earth.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

Pic: The Official Josephine Wall

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