Energy Update Tuesday 19/3/2019

Energy Update

Tuesday 19/3/2019

Last night was a spectacular golden sunset here in Adelaide, with Grandmother Moon shining brightly activating the incoming Full Moon energies.

I got woken 3.33am Jenny go look outside, to see a perfect moon mirroring & creating a stairway to heaven over the ocean.

Not a sound or noise apart from the waves crashing & I sat in the Ether, Sacred Space.

I felt clearly the shift in the energy.

A balancing point is happening.

The upcoming Equinox & Full Moon in Libra, the Universe is saying all must now be balanced.

This Moon will demand you are sitting in your truth, integrity, found your moral compass & belief systems.

You must be prepared to seek & speak the truth.

If there has been untruth or injustice around you it will be thrust into the spot light.

Masks will fall off, reality will be shown.

You can no longer diminish or sacrifice yourself for others.

The mighty sword of truth is present & will accept nothing but the truth to restore peace, love, beauty, harmony, abundance, joy.

That’s what you deserve to have in your world now, after your mighty journey of self mastery, but will you receive it?

On the negative, or lesson side, many will feel the pressure cooker to shift through any remaining resistance to change, or self love.

All relationships, matters of the heart, families, communities are being challenged to return to balance & live in peace.

After all the Libran Moon is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and she will create this energy & world.

If it’s not she will create havoc & shift the toxic energy, create chaos, upheaval & weild that mighty sword of truth, cutting away the toxicity & rubbish that diminishes you.

Things will get heated if false truths & injustice is served, for you won’t be able to hold your truth back, so be warned.

The sword of truth is also double edged, if you weild it at others, be prepared to stand in your own truth & integrity, for it can deliver a mortal wound.

Balance, harmony, truth, peace, love & light are the ultimate gifts for you & your journey now.

Release, let it go, go with the flow.

Create the space for the life of your dreams, an empowered, happy, fulfilled, balanced & harmonious life.

For there is a breathe of fresh air about to come through to lift your heart up where it belongs.

Make your wishes from your heart or I Am essence, then let it go.

You just may receive your greatest wish & love.

But no matter what, you will receive your blessing at just the right moment.

If you trust & believe………….

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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