Energy Update – Happy Lammas 2/2/2019

Energy Update – Happy Lammas


1/2 February in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate Lammas, the midpoint between Summer Solstice & Autumn Equinox.

It is the celebration of the first harvest from all our hard work over spring & summer.

We get to start to reap what we have sown.

Traditionally you bake bread, seeds, fruits, or anything made from the land, to show you have been rewarded for your hard work & rejoice in sharing the fruits of your labour.

We receive nurturing & great satisfaction for a job well done, a bounty or blessing.

We are also in our dark moon phase, preceding the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius, where freedom awaits.

It’s a time of deep introspection, where we go deep into our ancient wounding that has surfaced to bring about the retrieval of aspects of your soul from the deepest shadows & finally become free.

So think about that for a moment.

We are energetically doing the same as nature.

The University of Life made you connect to your sacred self, your journey & tree of life, your journey of Self Mastery.

You had to dig deep, weed out your life, prune dead wood, poison toxic people/weeds, send deep roots down, weather life’s storms, get battered around & endure the daily changes along your journey, shed all our old growth, reach for the sun/soul food, then with a new season of your life we start to grow & flourish again.

We are now stronger, more resilient, sustain ourself, able to bare fruit or blossom now.

But many are shaking their heads thinking what the hell just happened to me & my life?

Nothing is the same, I’m not the same.

Congratulations, you are doing your personal journey work.

Well we have all definitely seen what could no longer remain in our world, life, career, family dynamics & relationships.

We have seen our patterning, triggers, wounding & needs.

We have seen where we have played small, sacrificed, compromised, diminished ourself, self sabotaged, where we have remained a prisoner to our past or victim mentality, people pleaser or doormat.

All do not serve us anymore, and if you are still playing these games, refusing to grow, learn & change, your lessons will be beyond brutal & cruel now, until you literally shatter into a million pieces & face that fear or resistance, breaking through that shadow self.

That’s the Dark Night of the Soul that many have/are experiencing now.

It’s scary until you surrender into it, then the epiphany comes, the wisdom, essence, insight, knowing, fight, truth.

Then you return, rebuild, awakened, conscious yet like a wise new born.

We are not the old nor the new yet, that’s the scary time, and we often want to run back to the familiar, but we can’t unless it’s changed & evolved.

We must build a new way of living, relating, communicating, expressing, from our hearts not heads.

We really are coming home to our purest essence, but that’s a mighty journey.

Be brave dear ones, we are evolving, relationships, families, communities, countries, humanity, Pachamama, we are all evolving & lifting our consciousness, energy, vibration, love & light.

It is far greater than any of us know, but we all play a vital role in this spectacular moment in time.

Get ready to rise into the most authentic version of self that you have ever connected with before.

It’s time to reap what you have sown.

It is time to come home to you & be free to be all you can be Dear Ones.

I know personally I’ve done massive work over the last couple of years for my personal soul journey, ancestral healing, relationship healing, earth work & feeding the net of light. Yet never before had I reached such a deep & ancient accumulation of my ancient soul woundings, I finally got to the very core of my being.

She was wounded, angry, sad, lost, betrayed, abandon, had seen too many bitter truths, been unfairly judged, cursed for her very gifts, felt unsupported, unseen, unloved, used & disrespected.

Yet strangely she had the strength & determination of a mighty dragon forged through time itself, determined to survive, to never fail her sacred mission & ancient self.

Yet she also knew she was only protecting the sheer exhausted, desperation & frailty of a shattered, vulnerable, lonely, broken woman & soul.

Until I realised & had purged all that, which was beyond brutal & shattering, until the only thing I could do was surrender, free falling into a black abys, knowing I will land on my feet or find my wings.

So I chose to save me, I was my hero.

I had to face everyone of those fears & woundings, nobody else could do it for me, that was my mighty challenge.

But it was necessary, to crack me & my heart space open even wider than before. Then it filled me with such compassion, forgiveness, understanding, insight & higher perspectives that I never had before.

All the pain & suffering literally just started to fall away & the clarity & light started to return.

So please be kind to you, be kind to your loved ones, family & friends, because we never know just what someone really is going through.

And if you are in a dark place that you can’t get out of alone, then call out, reach out, say I’m drowning, I need help, I need to be seen & loved, that’s not weakness, that’s a sign you have been too strong for too long.

You just might find you have real friends & real love right by your side waiting to help you & restoring your trust & faith again.

It is time to birth you into a new dimension of existence, where we thrive, not barely survive.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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