Energy Update 5/4/2019

Energy Update


Well Dear Ones, how have you all been travelling?

It’s been a momentous time.

Every person I have spoken to over the last few weeks without exception has been dealing with relationships, family dynamics & how they really feel about themselves.

Our self worth & self loathing have had the spotlight shining brightly upon it.

I’ve loved it.

Consciousness has shifted & many are awakening, realising that changes & balance just had to happen, many seeing just how broken & out of balance things really were.

Many are growing through their changes & wounding.

It takes a mighty soul to fight through the triggers, wounding, self worth issues, but we are all starting to do this.

Many just knowing things have to change.

Some realising they are the change.

Many are soul weary, totally exhausted by the massive transformational journey, it’s not easy & you have to face every fear, every wounding, every belief & rectify it.

You have to peel away everything that is not authentically you to find you again.

Many Men are doing it hard with their ascension & awakening in the fast lane as collectively the Sacred Masculine are doing their healing & wounding.

Many Women have been awakening & standing tall now since 2012, now we support, love & nurture our men through this process.

The liberation & reunion of the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine.

A new heart based way of living, loving & relating together is happening.

But what I have been shown now is the balancing & abrupt jolting into the new has happened, now we get the transformational Aries fires to transmute any lower vibrations.

But I will let you in on a little secret.

Use the spiritual violet flames of transformation, don’t throw fireballs of destruction.

Remember fire can be constructive or destructive.

We want to transmute & transform from our higher self or spiritual consciousness not the lower physical plane.

From this place you can only operate from your higher heart, there you can do no wrong, there is no ego or need for control, its for the highest good of all concerned.

Now this may often mean it’s not your choice how things pan out, you fill it with pure light & love & surrender.

The Universal Laws will triumph.

This is how we change & evolve.

We set solid & stable foundations.

You will buck or rebel against control, greed or misused or abused power & authorities.

You will be craving stability & structures again after free falling the murkey & turbulent Pisces water/emotions.

So today use this time for introspection.

Tie up loose ends.

Have that discussion & clear the air.

We are about to enter a new zodiac cycle.

Don’t bring the old outdated patterns into the new.

Are you going to sabotage or thrive?

The choice is up to you.

But will you love & honour you?

Will you exert your free will?

Will you be the change?

Will you stand in your truth?

I will write more later about tonight’s New Moon

Until then,

May you have heaven in your heart,

Starlight in your Soul,

A friend & Angels by your side.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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