Energy Update 26/1/2019 – Mind over matter

Energy Update


Mind over matter

Have you seen many react, project, trigger & literally have a melt down once you have set some strong healthy boundaries or finally spoken real truths?

Once you have stood up & said no more, not my monkeys not my circus.

Are people actually seeing past their needs, judgements, insecurities, weakness?

Do they want to pull on your heart strings to keep you trapped?

Do they manipulate you through guilt, blame, shame?

Narcissists pray on your kindness & vulnerabilities.

Judgemental people make you question your truths as you find them.

Constantly not being seen, heard, supported, nurtured makes you feel abandoned, unloved & empty.

Have you been short circuiting just trying to get through all the crap others want to inflict on you?

Has your wounding cascaded out, as a last ditch effort for change, yet sadly it only falls on deaf ears?

Or with speaking your truth has it been loved & nurtured towards new awareness, change or awakening?

It’s the very Energy we are all waking through.

We are being challenged more than we have ever been challenged before.

If you are lying or kidding yourself your lessons will be unrelenting & brutal truths.

If you are speaking your truth the old establishments have had massive shock waves & mass destruction of old relationships, family connections, work places, friendship are instantly combusting.

Our days of sacrifice are over.

We can’t play small anymore, it’s killing our very essence.

If you have done the work, walk your walk, know yourself, you don’t care less what everyone else thinks or says, knowing it’s just them reflecting their own jealousy or insecurities or abilities.

Many say they love you but they really don’t.

They love what you bring to them, do for them, what you represent to them.

That’s not love.

Real love is mutually beneficial & not a one way street.

Because the ones that genuinely love you & want the best for you will love, support, listen, nurture, guide & be by your side.

They will be next to you through the rain, mud, shit & blood, they won’t leave your side or let you feel unsupported.

They will be with you in your darkest hour & when you dazzle with brilliance & happiness.

You will know you belong, you mattter, you are seen & heard, you are safe.

The rest really don’t matter.

When you finally grasp this, you actually do hold, own & utilise the most wonderful gift of all, Free Will.

For you won’t be lied to, manipulated, disrespected, put up with bullshit, enable behaviour, be a people pleaser, sacrificial lamb or stay where you no longer belong.

You finally know your worth.

You simply cannot be anything but your truth & authentic self.

You realise you can’t speak butterfly to caterpillars.

You accept it is what it is,

Then exert your free will to freedom, joy & happiness.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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