Energy Update 21/3/2019 Equinox

Energy Update


3/3/3 wow look at those numbers

The holy trinity by the power of 3

Today is a truly blessed & magical day.

3 day, 3 month, 3 year – the holy Trinity,

Body, mind, soul & Mother, Father, Child

Balance & Unification

We have Equinox, equal hours day & night & the balancing of Earth at 8.28am this morning.

In the Southern Hemisphere it heralds the arrival of Autumn, the second harvest.

It’s called Mabon & we gather nuts, fruit, leaves anything offered from our land in gratitude for the bounty we have received.

Autumn is also the time where the leaves dazzle in an array of splendour throwing magnificent colours before they shed.

It also heralds us slowly moving away from the Sun.

Energetically thats us, we get to dazzle in our beauty & authenticity now, glorious, full & abundant.

In the Northern Hemisphere they celebrate Spring, rebirth & the return of their Sun.

Grandmother Moon is Full at 12.12pm (Adel) time today and wasn’t she spectacular last night, but wait till tonight !

It’s the 3rd in a row super moon (coincidence I think not), closest to Earth, so the effects are profoundly amplified.

Many galactic portals & gateways have opened triggering your Ancient Starseed connections & sacred code activations.

She is full in Libra, a cardinal or change Air sign.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love & depicted by the mighty scales of truth & balance.

It gifts us beauty, peace, harmony, love, grace, compassion, balance, joy.

So there’s your key.

The spotlight is shining brightly on how you love yourself, your life, your relationships.

If any of these areas are out of balance you can be guaranteed big lessons abound.

The mighty sword of truth rules all Librans.

I’m a Libran,

Truth speaker & truth seeker, truth is simply a not negotiable.

You may find you are challenged to speak great truths, particularly if there is an injustice around you, you will right the wrongs & restore balance, peace & love.

Grandmother Moon is wrapping you in her mighty heart space saying beloved child I restore the love & light to your weary soul.

All is balancing, all is divine.

You are a beloved child of the Universe, it’s time to awaken, to remember your divinity & come home to your true essence, your inner beauty, your magnificent & abundant love & light.

Added to all that, we shift into a new year Lunar Zodiac cycle, Aries is the beginning.

The Masters of their Destiny will stand tall now.

We have waited Eons for this moment in time.

We have weathered many storms on the Earth Plane throughout this mighty ascension process, but today is the balancing point.

Today we can remember who we are & why we came to be of service.

Ancient Starseeds awaken now, sharing wisdom & holding love & light like a mighty beacon of hope.

The wayshowers, bridges, Earth keepers & gate keepers, united in our service to humanity & creation.

All weaving the Net of Light.

You hear about Divine Timing, well the Universe has spoken & delivered.

It is time, remember who you are……..

Shine brightly dear ones,

Rejoice in the magnificence of today & the future we manifest & dream into being.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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