Energy Update 18/4/2019

Energy Update


Well Dear Ones have things started to settle a bit in your world?

Did the ugliness or deep fears ooze out for you to address once & for all?

Did you become the breaker of chains & patterns?

Did you say no more & make a decision drawing the line in the sand?

Is enough finally enough & you are done sacrificing self to please others?

Have you seen that relationship, friendship or family dynamics just don’t work anymore & big truths have appeared & been spoken?

Has big change rumbled through your world, your moral compass, your belief systems?

Have you woken up, gained clarity, started to see things from a different perspective?

Have you finally seen & owned where you have self loathed, self sabotaged or dishonoured self?

Have you finally seen where you settle for scraps, or let others use you like a door mat, or treat you like an after thought?

Have you learnt what your heart & soul yearn for?

Are you becoming the Master of your Destiny?

It’s simple really.

Are you loving you?

Are you living your life?

Are you happy?

If the answer is no then what are you going to do to change that?

Do you want to be a prisoner of your past?

Or do you want to be the Master of your Destiny, who can Co-Create, manifesting a life that you want to be in, embrace, live & be alive in.

So every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, stop & think………….

How’s life working for you?

If you don’t like it, then be the change,

Not the victim of circumstances.

After all, if you won’t love, honour, respect, trust or fight for what you want or need, why would you think or expect another can or will do it for you?

Your Life won’t be delivered to you on a silver platter with a pretty ribbon, you have to step up, stand tall, and go get it.

It simply won’t happen because you do not feel worthy to receive.

You will self sabotage.

Until that changes, nothing will change & you will play out the same patterns, triggers & woundings.

Let it all go, let it flow,

Let the New you, new wisdom, new energy, new belief system, new love & light transform you & your world beyond your wildest dreams.

After all,

Don’t you deserve it Dear Ones,

You are not alone, you are so loved,

Life wasn’t meant to make you a victim.

The University of Life is the Master Teacher, designed to make you victorious, and the key & passage to your victory is through your journey back to your heart & discovering & embracing your I Am essence.

There is no other gateway.

Are you a prisoner of your past, or pioneer of your future?

We all must go through the shadows, fear, pain & suffering to return to the sacred & divine within, pure love & light.

Use the incoming Blue Full Moon in Libra (2 full moons in same sign), yes things do happen once in every blue moon.

The Universe is bestowing blessings upon us if we are willing to receive, to restore love, balance, beauty, peace, harmony, joy, grace, love.

But will you receive & accept it?

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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