But are you open minded enough?

But are you open minded enough?

Often people come to me when their life is in chaos, despair, upheaval, spinning out of control.

Believe me, it’s rarely all warm & fuzzies

I work as a soul mentor, life coach, offering guidance & healings.

With this comes great responsibility, as many times I have to gently lead people to the very sacrifice, wounding, resistance, trigger, sabotage, projection, pain & suffering patterns that they have spent lifetimes burying & protecting.

As a truth seeker & speaker it’s imperative that I remain neutral, sit in absolute integrity, hold sacred space, holding & accessing the highest consciousness available to give truth, integrity, compassion, empathy & understanding.

Often people want to shoot the messenger & resist change & growth.

But they wouldn’t come to me unless they are ready to undertake this mighty journey within & home to self.

They will wiggle, squirm, avoid, deflect, resist & you know you have reached the access point to the wounding.

But I’ve learnt that even the most haunting, ugly, brutal pain just needs to be nurtured & given its moment to release.

Together we release the energetic charge & start the healing & ascension process.

Are you open minded enough to see where you are still closed minded or driven by ego, not your heart & soul?

This is an integral part of the shedding & stripping away of the mind based persona to become heart based.

Real teachers will empower & activate you to nurture & heal yourself.

We will mirror all to you.

We will open our heart spaces & shine our light, to show you the way forward, the truth, what you are missing & grieving for.

To remind you of your divine essence, when you have forgotten, or life has broken you.

The mind/ego is the monkey chatter.

The heart & soul whispers & yearns.

Can I help you on your journey?

Watch this space for upcoming Crystal Shamanism & Crystal Awakening Workshops

(Posted as events)

1:1 healing sessions at Sellicks Beach healing studio & readings.

Full list of services/healings offered is on top of page feed.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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