The shape of things

The shape of things

Everything that has happened to you,

The good, the bad, the ugly has shaped you into the person you are today.

In order to love all of you,

You can’t hate people, parts of your life or experiences of your past that shaped you.

It’s never a wasted lesson, if we learn from it.

Our greatest growth, evolution or enlightenment comes from our toughest times.

For its then that we find the strength of our character, our moral compass, our belief systems, our not negotiables & the cloth we are cut from.

That doesn’t come in the fair weather, we find them in the midst of life’s storms.

We get to see who genuinely loves us, helps us, abuses us, disregards us, diminishes us.

We find truth, our truth.

Your greatest teachers will be the ones that give you the most harshest, painful or brutal lessons.

And then one day, when time has past by, you have licked your wounds & done your healing, learnt your lessons, gaining the wisdom, something happens.

You will be able to look back with compassion, understanding, kindness even forgiveness.

You will actually be grateful for the mighty injustice or tragedy.

You see it was probably a great blessing in disguise.

That you actually had a lucky escape.

Your life changed forever after, you took a different path, changed your circle of friends.

You got out of a toxic relationship then met the love of your life.

You left that job that sucked the life out of you & now you are happy.

Maybe you saw that you are nothing like them & never will be.

You realised you simply didn’t belong there anymore.

There are always painful endings before birthing magnificent new beginnings.

It’s all part of this Journey called Life.

Love, honour & be proud of all of you.

You are special,

You are beautiful,

You are important.

You are seen.

You are loved.

You are perfectly you.

Something to ponder Dear Ones,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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