Energy Update 6/1/2019 partial Solar Eclipse & New Moon

Partial Solar Eclipse & New Moon

Energy Update


I got woken 5.55am, being told Jenny it’s time to write now, there’s lots to tell.

I chuckled, 3 x 5 the number of change by the power of 3.

Wow what a powerhouse deal the University of Life has just handed us.

6/1/2019 = 19/10/1 – new beginnings

Partial Solar Eclipse has played havoc the last 3 days.

It isn’t visible in the Southern Hemisphere our Northern family see this one, but we have certainly felt it & great streams of solar energy have radiated down on us & Pachamama.

It starts (Adel) 10.04am

Midpoint/peak 12.11pm

End 2.18pm

I wrote about & warned you about the incoming energy in my last update.

That it would demand you see where you are still playing small, compromising or diminishing yourself.

If you aren’t being authentic or truthful lessons would be learnt.

If was designed to unbalance, frustrate, annoy or unsettle you & your world enough to push you through the last of your stubbornness, or resistance to the necessary changes.

It made you look at yourself, life, hopes & dreams, even perceived failures & face some bitter/sweet truths.

Were you set to self sabotage again or let those fears win?

But did you give in or did you stand tall?

Partial Solar Eclipse shows us where we are still partially eclipsing ourself & our connection to sun/soul food & energy.

We have done mighty self mastery work now we tie up the loose ends.

But the University of Life has big planets playing too, Saturn our parent said no, you will set those boundaries & if you kept crossing them, not listening or growing, you have come a cropper, fallen flat on your face.

Bottoms falling out of worlds.

Reality hits & checks.

The enforcer says no, look, listen, learn, grow up, pull your head in, get your act together, we know what’s best for you, like any good parent does to a petulant child.

Then I saw how we are culminating our lessons from July last year where these bookends of eclipses have played out. So what was happening since then, that has finally shown you what you needed to learn & grow through?

I was shown the symbology of making my Goat Hide Medicine Drum at Teacher Training way back in September. I saw how it was preparing me with its sacred medicine to endure through the last quarter & the mighty challenges that were yet to come.

What I had to overcome.

Goat Medicine is symbolic of Capricorn Medicine.

It teaches us endurance, resilience, determination.

That stubborn old goat will see that sweet tasty branch way up top of that mountain & will steadily & shore footedly ascend till it reaches its prize.

Often finding itself on shaky, crumbling or dangerous ground.

But refusing to give in or admit defeat.

Only then with its prize, will it stop & look around, take a moment, chew things over, savour it’s tasty morsel.

Finally seeing where it has arrived & how far it has actually come.

Well that’s us now.

Then we have our New Moon in Capricorn.

It arrives at 11.58am (Adel) time today.

Right after the maximum eclipse energies.

Where we anchor, ground, stabilize, put up & establish strong healthy boundaries.

Structures, strength, endurance, hard work are the attributes gifted to you now.

We get to break through that resistance to our new beginnings, new hopes, new dreams.

We land firmly on safe ground.

We put strong healthy roots down that will nurture us all year.

For many there is a new life, after walking away from toxic & unfulfilled relationships, friendships & family dynamics.

Many are set to embark on a new career or follow their passions, dreams, desires.

The University of Life says blessings Dear Ones, dream your world into being.

Manifest those dreams now.

Ground then firmly into Earth, they are no longer dreams, they are ready to become your reality.

A world we love, thrive in, grow in, are happy in, not run & hide in.

We don’t belong in worlds like that anymore.

Do you know how beautiful you are from the inside out now?

Do you know you are so loved & supported?

What new earth & world are you about to birth?

Dream big Dear Ones, Dream big.

Now we truly get to reap what we have sown.

And I for one are ready & so grateful to receive in abundance.

We walk free & tall now, with ease & grace.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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