Peace & Gratitude

Peace & Gratitude

May you be blessed with a deep peace to your heart & soul.

May you freely give & receive the love & light needed.

May you have deep gratitude for all you have walked through, learnt & evolved into.

May you birth the new you, new year & new beginnings.

May you set up strong structures & foundations.

May you dream your world into being.

May you bring & receive peace, love, laughter & joy to the world.

From me to you I am so very humbled, grateful & thank you for connecting with me this year. I’ve watched my business & page grow beyond my wildest dreams & it’s only just begun.

Thank you for joining me on Energising Souls page, coming for healings, readings, guidance or if you have joined me in my teaching capacity.

I’m planning & activating 2019 now.

I’m excited, it’s time to be all of me.

Watch this space for lots will be revealed.

Let’s round out & close down 2018 in our new vibration & create the blessings that you have worked so hard to manifest into your world.

Much love to you Dear Ones,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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