Masterful Wisdom

Masterful Wisdom

Use the last week of 2018, our Universal 11 Year, the Year of Self Mastery, to ponder the mighty journey you have just undertaken.

Choices reviewed, changes made, wisdom gained, stories rewritten, worlds evolved, new life & belief system established.

You are now Conscious & Awakened.

Have you learnt great insight & what really makes you tick, think & feel?

Have you overcome mighty obstacles?

Have you had a tough year?

You’ve unpacked that emotional backpack.

Felt, seen, discovered, learnt & lived through great truths.

Had to find, face, retrieve, love & nurture broken & lost aspects of you.

Had to get real & see who empowers & diminishes you.

Did you clean house & end a lot of bad relationships, friendships, addictions, destructive patterns?

Did you have to face mighty triggers & mirrors finding lost & broken aspects of self?

Does your world look very different than at the start of 2018?

Do you have the same people standing next to you?

Are you on a whole new path & heading in a completely different direction?

Or are you sitting thinking what the hell just happened & what’s next?

Did you graduate from the University of Life’s Master Class?


But remember being a Master isn’t about a fancy meaningless title, ego driven, or being better than others.

Or some just want to float & gloat, sounding like a boofhead, just going around telling everyone you are a Master.

Oh no, that’s not a Master, that’s ego.

It’s about knowing yourself intimately, universal consciousness & being the best version of you that you can be in any given moment.

It’s not a competition.

It’s about Mastering your journey home to self, connecting deeply & intimately with your I Am essence, and until you do that you are not a Master, you are still ruled by mind/ego.

It’s about Mastering your Soul contracts & life lessons.

A Master is not just there for themselves.

A Master serves the greater good of all, is humble, & is of service to others & self.

Always sharing, caring, nurturing, guiding.

After all what is all the wisdom in the world worth if you do not grow from the first level of Self Mastery, keeping it all to yourself.

You become the Master Builder & eventually become the Master Teacher, full circle.

So have you become a wise Owl?

What vision, insight & wisdom are you taking into 2019?

Remember if it doesn’t feed, nurture or empower your Soul……….let it go.

After all, you are now the Master of your Destiny.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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