Goodbye 2018 – Energy Update

Goodbye 2018

Energy Update

31/12/2018 – 18/9 endings

It’s time to put 2018 behind us!

What a year of new beginnings, change, awakening, soul growth.

2018/11 our Universal Year of Self Mastery.

A year that saw everyone go through huge personal growth & evolution.

I have to say, I’m happy to see the back of this challenging, ruthless, tough ascension path we have all been on.

This year has been hard work, I’m tired & ready for big changes.

Many worlds have been shattered.

Many relationships didn’t make it, because of the glaring energetic disconnects that you could no longer deny or live with.

As you were challenged to deeply look at yourself, you had no choice but to see all aspects of your life were under the microscope.

Finally seeing where you were diminished, self sabotaging, neglecting, unfulfilled, unhappy, inauthentic, you learnt your truths.

For many there were many bitter/sweet moments.

We are certainly not the same person who started the year.

You have now looked at your life under a microscope, had huge upheaval, been through enormous changes.

Now we are preparing & birthing our solid foundations, looking towards the future you are building.

Take the time now to close off or tie up any loose ends.

Clean up or tidy up mess, clutter.

Sweep & clean the house.

Feng Sui says you literally sweep away the debris, the old energy, leaving no remnants of dirt, clutter, stale energy or mess.

You are energetically making a clean slate, clearing the old to make way for the new.

Write down things you want to let go of & burn it.

Burn incense, smudge your house, or use sage to clear.

Open windows & doors to cleanse the air & let it flow, as you cleanse your home.

Light a candle, to invite the light into your home.

Clear the air,

Clear the energy.

Make the space to ground & manifest the world you want & to bring in the new year, new energy, new beginnings.

We are sandwiched between the fallout of Xmas & Full Moon in Cancer (Water), now we are building to a New Year & then New Moon in Capricorn (Earth) Eclipse.

There’s the vital key of what you need to let go of, or change. It’s all about the way you are relating to people, relationships, friendships.

It will shine the spotlight on your greatest love or a neon light on what’s broken.

If your world isn’t on solid ground, you will feel the Eclipse pressure to squeeze out the stuck, stagnant & toxic energy that still remains.

It will demand you don’t bring anything that diminishes you into the new year & sacred blessings that are waiting for you.

Let it flow, let it go, your emotions need to be expressed, you need to show, speak & be authentic about your relationships, feelings, life & truth.

If you love them show it.

If you want it, go out & make it happen.

It will also show what or who has become the one to expose your vulnerable underbelly.

It’s time to step up, or it just might be you that gets let go of.

We birth 2019

Our universal 3 Year

The number of the Holy Trinity.

Body, mind, soul or Mother, Father, Child.

It is the first number to have a start, middle, end.

It’s unification, sacred unions, divine miracles & blessings.

We say by the power of 3 to amplify energy to this level.

The triquetra, symbolic of birth, life & death.

How special & blessed after our baptism of fire into Self Mastery, we have all just walked through, and at times felt like we barely survived.

Now you have a glimpse into the path a Master walks & what that demands.

Like I’ve said, it’s not a journey for the weak or faint of heart, it’s a mighty journey.

We bring in big Earth energy now, and the Elephant shows us, slow, steady & methodical, connecting deeply to Earth with strong empowered steps.

Are you ready to move forward?

Are you ready to ignite a dream or passion?

Are you ready to birth a new you, new life, new relationship, new job, new truth, new walk, new consciousness?

Are you ready to be your authentic self?

Are you going to talk the talk or walk the walk?

Are you ready to be the Master of your Destiny?

Something to ponder,

Blessings, love & light

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) Copyright Energising Souls

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