We are pure energy.

What do you think drives this flesh & bones?

Do you believe when the physical body dies that we go on? ………well if you do it’s your soul, your light body, which is the purest light & energy form.

You have the elements alive & activated within you, the same as Mother Earth uses & harness.

As within so without – Polarity.

They are housed within your Chakras.

Base Chakra – Earth

Sacral Chakra – Water

Solar Plexus – Fire

Heart Chakra – Air

Throat Chakra – Ether

We are so intimately synchronized to the elements, Moon cycles, seasons and beyond.

When you learn to understand, connect, utilize & work with energy, that’s when the magic happens.

You become One with all.

You learn to read & work with the energy not against it.

You know how to balance, transmute & transform energy.

You know how to work with & summon energy.

You trust energy.

You know the delicate balance, power & vulnerability of each element & the energy it brings.

You understand how each element effects us & how each Chakra/energy system is the managing director of various body systems within your body.

You know that energy effects your mental body, emotional body, physical body and Light body, and unbalanced causes chaos & dis-ease within.

In fact everything that is alive or in motion is energy.

So think about the energy you give out.

The energy you receive.

Have you ever noticed after being with some people you feel like they literally suck the life out of you, they are energy vampires, just draining you of your life force energy.

Then you can be around others that empower you so much you feel like you could fly or move mountains.

Learn & Master energy, both yours & the elements & you will soon become the Master of your Destiny manifesting, healing, transforming, transmuting, empowering yourself & others along your journey.

I can teach you this.

Energy work is my field of expertise.

I’ve done it all my life.

I write about energy in my Energy Updates.

Reiki in 1995.

In fact 15 years ago when I worked at the college that taught holistic therapies, I flat out refused to do or be a massage therapist. I said no I’m an energy therapist.

Not because I thought I was better than anyone else, it was my soul calling me home, my heart passionately alive & awakened by it.

I only did it to get my Cert IV in massage, so I could get my Diploma of Polarity Therapy.

Even then I opened my clinic doing only energy work & to this day it’s what I am known for & do.

Watch this space for 2019 upcoming events coming soon.

Workshops, Full & New Moon meditations, Teaching Chakras & body systems

Reiki 1,2 & Masters

Crystal Shamanism

Crystal Awakening

Polarity Therapy

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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