Energy Update 27/12/2018

Energy Update


In the Southern Hemisphere we have Summer & in Adelaide we are sweltering through a heat wave with 41 degrees today & no let up in the next few days.

I can feel a shift in the energy after the cocoon of Christmas has passed.

Stirring quietly yet distinctly, is a feeling that it’s time to get on with things now.

I dreamt of Dragons last night, but they were peace & transformation Dragons, with pure diamond white pearlescent flames, burning away the heaviness & dross.

I was told to pass on & remind you Dear Ones it’s time to focus our energies on the winding down of business this year.

We must complete a mighty cycle, make a decision, move forward & prepare for our new Universal 3 Year where we become One with the Christ Consciousness.

Now isn’t the time to be lulled into a false sense of security, you must forge forward & clear your path to happiness & a high vibrational future.

The ascension pathway has been activated & earth grids have received a mighty upgrade.

There was peace on Earth & good will to mankind, now we get to feed & activate this vibration all year round.

I was shown how Pachamama has waited for a critical mass of her beloved children to awaken & become conscious before she could ascend uniformly with us.

A mother’s sacrifice beyond our comprehension for what she has endured & sacrificed for all of us.

That the Crystaline & high vibrational Master Rays are now in place.

That the Net of Light has a uniformity & pulsing heart beat.

That great service has been done by many Lightworkers to anchor these mighty ascension energies.

So you may want to call in your Dragon to clear your path or Christmas hangover, to guide your path & assist your ancient self to awaken the mighty journey home to self.

Beware that you aren’t the Dragon, unless necessary, because you have had enough, eating or destroying your mate or young.

Many will forge forward leaving their old worlds behind, some leaving a burning smouldering rubble of destruction.

Many I feel have their inner fire activated to push them through resistance & what diminishes you & I see some mighty battles of wills about to happen.

Others I see strong, fierce, empowered, awakened, assured & sitting in & owning their own Earth & world they have created.

So use this mighty influx of energy to get ready to eliminate & ground your new world, new year, new you into existence.

Tie up loose ends.

Don’t leave anything energetically open or undone, that can drain you or diminish you, or it will come back & burn you, we don’t need more rides on the shit carousel.

Set strong healthy boundaries around you.

Rule your domain & world, own & be aware of your actions, reactions & consequences for them.

If it hurts, harms, controls, diminishes, or causes you pain & suffering are you still allowing that in your world?

Turn to face the Sun & let the shadows fall behind you now.

The heavy artillery has arrived.

Dragons go where Angels fear to tread.

We have no fear anymore.

We are the Master of our Destiny.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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