Energy Update 19/12/2018

Energy Update


Well you can feel the pressure cooker starting to build, as the last of the Sagittarius fire energy flows through to ensure the last of the dross & old energy gets transmuted & transformed through the Violet Flame.

It’s shedding & coming off us in burst of flames at the moment.

Yesterday I felt activated or pushed forward with the need to tie up any remnants of loose ends from this year, where I hadn’t completely closed down energetic connections.

I felt a push to get things done & sorted.

I don’t want to take any remnants from this year of self mastery, after all a Master deals with whatever crosses it’s path, leaving nothing incomplete, disturbed or out of place.

So be prepared to close some things down or complete cycles.

I had lots of info in channel all night, no sleep, as I felt the waves of energy flowing in I was told about the mighty influx of Source/Soul upgrades & cosmic codes from the Great Central Sun are activating in many.

I saw again the 12:12 activation portal spinning, streaming Golden Christ Consciousness to the masses.

I was reminded again of the critical 11 days between 12:12 & 21:12 portal, where we will step out reborn on the 22:12, transformed after our master activation & Rites of Passage has being undertaken by the Awakened Masters & Activators of this sacred energy.

I was shown how the upcoming full moon in Cancer is designed to connect families, community awareness, consciousness, humanitarian missions.

Grandmother Moon is literally shining her love & light in her home sign.

So are we, coming home to us, to soul tribe, to the power of love, to our sacred heart spaces, to the roots of home & family.

The very things that help us thrive, grow & expand, grounding and anchoring our new vibrations into the incoming Earth energy of Capricorn.

I was shown how the Summer Solstice heralds the peak of source/sun light to empower & activate our life force energy & kundalini.

I was shown Kali & the mighty Ancient Earth Dragons clearing with fire, but crystalline diamond white rays of fire, through the ley lines, earth grids & energy centres, upgrading Pachamama.

The Net of Light linking, forging together & pulsing with a new heart beat & dimensional shift uniformly across this beautiful planet.

Oh great mother we invoke you in this space, take away the pain and fill us with your grace.

If it doesn’t serve us then burn it all away.

It’s a time where people are often frazzled, tired, weary, overwhelmed & over the year.

It’s been a mighty journey.

Watch for short tempers, eruptions, bumping into people, disorientation, forgetfulness, exhaustion. Many will have headaches, upset tummy/nausea, feeling wired or tense, aching bones, heavy & lethargic.

Many will want to be with family, friends, loved ones, lovers embrace, as the festive season is upon us.

Whatever makes you happy is what’s necessary now, and make sure you enjoy it fully & passionately, you finally know that you deserve happiness.

It is the festive season, where we give & receive, show people we care, eat, drink & be merry.

We need laughter, love, family & joy in our worlds too, but not just at Xmas, all the time.

But if you still play games, are on the bullshit merry go round, people pleasing, still wearing your mask, not speaking your truth, or stirring the shit pot, beware, the spotlight will shine brightly upon you!!

Then you just might get a taste of your own medicine as people have had enough.

Family, Xmas, Full Moon in Cancer (families), Summer Solstice its certainly a recipe to digest & can lead to disaster or bliss, the choice is yours, and how you choose to play it.

So let go of what no longer serves you.

Release, transform & transmute.

Then we will anchor in our new vibration, new truths, new year, new horizons.

When you let go you create the space for miracles.

You must always have endings to have new beginnings, the old must go creating space for the new.

If you think you are going to hold on or manipulate now, think again, or you will be in for a rough ride.

If you surrender, allow, go with the flow, it will be smoother sailing.

Definitely work with this mighty energy, not against it.

I will write more as the week progresses.

Remember to stop, to breathe.

Refocus & balance.

Then move forward with purpose & conviction.

Let’s finish this year as the Master of our Destiny.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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