Christmas Beetle- Sacred Medicine

Christmas Beetle

Sacred Medicine

On Friday I washed all my clinic towels for winding up the end of the year, as part of cleansing my healing space, Solstice & Full Moon.

When I went to get them off the line, there was this most incredible beetle sitting on it, it was huge.

It was bronze metallic glistening in the Solstice Sun’s rays, proudly standing its ground defiantly, radiant, a horned winged one, like its walked through time itself & survived.

It looked ancient & I instantly thought wow it looks just like a Scarab Beetle. I even sent a friend the picture to say, check this out it looks like a Scarab arrived just after we had done big earth work that morning.

This morning I kept thinking about the visit from this humble unique critter, it wouldn’t leave my thoughts, that there was a sacred blessing, medicine or message there for me.

Straight after I see a post from Australia Geographic asking where are they & that they are called Christmas Beetles.

Symbolic Beetle Meaning














The Egyptians, considered the scarab (or dung beetle) a highly spiritual bug. In fact, the scarab beetle was sacred to Khepera, the Egyptian god of creation, resurrection and immortality.

Interesting apparently they have been scarce for awhile now, but make a guest appearance on Solstice after this mighty ascension journey of Self Mastery we have all been on.

Wow the heirachy never cease to amaze me.

There are always lessons to learn.

It was such a sacred blessing & symbology for me on Solstice.

I had treated myself to a special Mumma Isis Crystal necklace & she arrived Thursday.

Then the Scarab, reminding me that the biggest lessons & blessings often come in tiny insignificant moments, that you miss if you aren’t present.

That the greater the struggle the bigger the blessings.

Time to slow down and anchor these mighty energies.

Ground your new vibration, bringing Heaven to Earth.

I wonder if my special visitor has a message for you too?

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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