12:12 Portal – Energy Update

12:12 Portal

Energy Update

12/12/2018 17/8 – infinity & karma day

What a blessing today is, we have our 12:12 Portal of energy activating our life force energy & Christ Consciousness from the Great Central Sun.

12 day 12 month 1+2=3

33 the master teacher

3 is the holy trinity Father, Son, Holy Spirit or Mother, Father, Child.

Today you receive soul food, consciousness, awareness, clarity, oneness, unity.

It clicks in a 9 day cycle of endings/rebirth before the Summer Solstice on the 21:12 portal, as the mighty Wheel of Life turns again birthing a new cycle.

It’s bringing in & activating the download of the 3 energy that we will all be sitting in 2019/12/3 Universal Energy next year.

Universally many have awakened.

We are all more aware of humanitarian needs, communities, compassion, climate control, natural resources, our water ways, the air we breathe, big pharmaceutical & media control.

We are coming home to self, to remember we are human beings not human doings, automated & comfortably numb robots.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience & it’s not always easy.

Utilize this mighty wave of energy to plug back into self, life & life force.

It’s like going from AA batteries to 240 volt power, or recharging your phone battery.

It gets warn out & drained from overuse, so do we.

This mighty portal amps up the 8:8 lions gate, 9:9 endings, 10:10 balancing self, 11:11 self mastery, 12:12 portal to Christ Consciousness.

Your ascension path is gifted to the brave, strong & courageous.

To the liberators, game changers & self believers.

So how much more conscious, aware & awakened have you become?

Are you ready to step through this mighty vortex of energy to a life beyond your wildest dreams?

Dream big Dear Ones, dream big.

For today heaven bestows great blessings to the pure of heart & lion hearts.

Take some time to say a prayer from your heart & soul, your dreams, hopes, desires, passion.

Tell the Universe exactly what you want & become the Co-Creator manifesting the life of your dreams, not the life you need to run & hide from.

But you better believe you are worthy & finally willing to receive, no more scraps or self sacrifice, or you may receive a mighty wake up call from the Universe.

It’s an almighty portal of energy, power up & take flight.

It is time Dear Ones.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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