Energy Update 6/12/2018

Energy Update


Wow hasn’t the fire energy gone up a few notches since yesterday.

Literally in Adelaide we have 39 degrees today , as the summer heat arrives, to burn away the last of the dross.

As we sit in the Dark Moon phase, reflecting deeply within our personal power centre, our solar plexus chakra, our fire, courage, strength, determination, passion & drive.

It’s where we digest life, charge up.

We are checking in & gathering it all so we can forge forward now, transformed, empowered & liberated.

As we prepare for tomorrow’s New Moon in Sagittarius we have both Sun & Moon in Fire, so get set to transform.

The University of Life is saying it’s nearly time to launch those dreams, hold your horses, first you must finish clearing house, letting go, releasing, forgiving and get up off the floor to keep going.

Your strength, courage & determination are about to be rewarded with so many blessings & new beginnings.

If you have been diligent & steadily doing the big soul work & journey to awaken in this 11 Universal Self Mastery Year.

If you have you will now become the change & the path forward will clear.

If you are finally prepared to trust & believe in yourself.

If you are connected to your personal power & life force energy you literally can fly now, the world will be your oyster, more gloriously united within than ever before.

However, In the negative people will be snitchy, short tempered, aggressive, frustrated & irritable.

Watch for rage, jealousy, envy or people with shit on the liver.

Some will hate the world & their life, because they don’t want to change, don’t want help, aren’t being validated & probably don’t want to loose you in their world.

They are in a world of pain & struggle so watch you don’t get caught in the cross fires.

Many will get a sense of urgency, feeling desperate & reactive, or that time feels like it is running out.

But be warned, this level of fire can so easily cause mass & irreparable destruction.

But sometimes that’s exactly what has to happen to shift & destroy the old world & paradigm, that you refuse to let go of for your highest good.

We are getting a huge download building to the 12:12 Portal from the Great Central Sun. It’s activating us with the 12/3 3:3 33 Master vibration, the Master Teacher, the one who has become wise through life & understanding self.

All in preparation for the Summer Solstice & closing this year down.

Turn away from your history & walk boldly towards the life you are birthing, your future, a beautiful mystery.

So just for today, reflect within, connect deeply to the fire that’s activating in your belly.

Its your personal power & forward motion.

It’s there to help you forge ahead, believe in you.

Put a big smile on your face as you turn towards the sun & let the shadows fall behind you now Dear Ones.

We are coming home to self.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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