Welcome December

Welcome December

The 12th month of the year has arrived.

Officially we welcome Summer, but Mother Earth says it’s still 3 weeks away with our summer Solstice.

But the mighty Wheel of Life is turning.

We are on the home stretch for 2018, our 11 Universal Year of Self Mastery.

What a year it’s been!

I bet nothing is the same in your world.

Mighty transformation & Awakenings have occurred universally elevating vibrations & dimensions.

12 comes back to 1 + 2 =3 month.

3 is all about power, generating force, the holy trinity, of empowering body, mind & soul, the power of 3.

In our 11 year, so are you ready to rise & shine?

Are you ready to put all your hard soul journeying work together?

It’s all about bringing it all together with the Saggy fire energy.

It’s about transformation & rebirth, forward motion, strength, passion & drive to get creative & passionate about your life, end the calendar year off on target & focussed.

It’s about stepping fully into your higher self & reconnecting to your gifts, purpose & personal power centre.

You may find yourself outgoing & very social, enjoying life & enthusiastic.

You may want to activate forward movement, bringing a shift & change into joy & happiness.

You will learn how to put energy & action into motion. How to manifest & attract what you want into your life & world.

Enjoy December & all the craziness it can bring.

Watch for burn out or irritations over the stress of the festive season. This fire energy can certainly bring about harsh words, clash of wills & conflict.

People can burn out & easily become overwhelmed.

Remember this time of year can bring about a lot of family issues & dynamics that need to be dealt with.

Endings will happen.

Relationships will self combust if they no longer serve you.

Transformation happens.

Forced & false gatherings with people & family members you may not necessarily wish to be with or socialise with.

Great tolerance & patience is often needed, just to keep the peace, as many will begrudgingly do the obligatory Xmas dance, the old repeat button gets pushed & Groundhog Day prevails.

The pressure & issues build substantially around money & expenses.

Please don’t put a debt noose around your neck to keep up with the Jones’s to show people you love them. Money or extravagant presents isn’t always the best gift.

Have you thought about spending some of your precious time together & bonding with genuine connection?

People are often time poor trying to meet far too many demands, spread too thin, inevitably becoming tired & worn out, too much socializing & a long year.

Christmas & the Festive season can be a very sad, lonely, hard time for many who have lost loved ones, or find themselves alone.

Spare a thought for others, please be aware & sensitive, Xmas is not always a happy time, some actually dread this time of year.

End the year with strong positive focus & energy.

You now are refocused, self aware, self nurturing & filled with a desire to be a better heart spaced human.

Now you have the power in your hands to manifest & create the world of your dreams, not your nightmares, so use it wisely & with great discernment.

Remember fire must always be respected it can be constructive & destructive.

Harness the transformational Saggy Fires, fill up & activate your Fire from the Great Central Sun. Gently feeding & nurturing your heart & soul, higher self, with your I Am essence coming back to its magnificent radiant self, full of love & light, as you are reborn & come home to you.

Be proud of yourselves Dear Ones,

It’s been a mighty Rites of Passage.

Creator & Pachamama have awakened & are calling all their beloved children forward, with a new consciousness, awareness, unity, purpose & Oneness.

What a glorious time it is to be alive.

Let’s all join hands & weave this net of light.

Let’s reclaim our essence & be the best version of a human we can be.

Shine brightly now Dear Ones,

We’ve got this.

We are all an important & valuable aspect of Creation.

What will you offer to humanity?

For 2019 is just around the corner.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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