Energy Update 29/11/11 11:11:11

Energy Update




We have our trifecta in 11’s again today.

By the power of 3 the Master is born.

29/11 day, 11 month, 11 Universal year of Self Mastery.

So it’s the day, year, month that asks you are you finally ready to step out from behind the veil & become all you were destined to be?

Have you finally awakened?

Are you finally loving, honouring & respecting your hopes, dreams, wishes, life & purpose?

Are you ready to walk your walk on your spiritual journey home to self?

1 is self, the 11 is the first level of mastering self, becoming aware of duality, separation, dropping from mind/ego control to heart based, Awakening.

But today the University of Life presents you with your annual report card on your life.

So please take a few moments to really stop, look, be proud of you & how far you have come.

Give yourself a gold star for surviving what you thought was impossible, yet here you stand, stronger, wiser, focused.

See how strong & brave you have become as you survived the dark night of the soul & have now started your rebirth & transformation.

Praise yourself for making the hard decisions & finally letting go of anyone or anything that caused you pain & suffering.

Respect yourself now as you vow to no longer be the sacrifice or emotional punching bag.

Be proud of you for stopping denying your truth, seeing your self sabotaging patterns & becoming the change in your world.

The Saggy Fire energy has definitely arrived to burn away the dross & yesterday with Grandmother Moon in Leo it delivered double fire to give us the strength & courage to get up again off the mat, we may have been knocked down for the count, but we survived, got ourselves back up again & keep going.

Knowing what we thought would defeat us only made us find out what we are really made of.

Now we turn all the wounds into wisdom.

We walk tall, having discovered & learnt deeply about our truths, moral compass & belief systems now.

Discovering our deepest darkest pains & fears we now are tasked with healing, loving, nurturing, growing & empowering these aspects of us & returning them to the light & full glory.

You would have been asking some big life & relationship questions since you have now searched the depths of your heart & soul.

Pull back any remaining veils to reveal your real self.

You just may be surprised to meet a magnificent being is waiting to bring you home to self.

Be brave, strong & believe in you Dear Ones

It is our time.

It’s time to awaken, it’s time for unification, it’s time for Consciousness, it’s time for the Divine Masculine & Feminine to rise & shine merged as one.

It is such a glorious time.

Be the mighty Phoenix rising from the ashes now, more glorious & empowered with love & light than ever before.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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