Energy Update 27/11/2018 9/11/11

Energy Update



Finally we have walked out of the Full Moon energy, and didn’t Grandmother Moon shine her wisdom upon us & let us all know just how powerful an influence she is.

Anything that still had duality, to & fro, indecision, unbalanced, Polarity, separation, division sure did get challenged.

Any twin flame, soul partner, relationship issues reached the crescendo, combusting or finally evolving.

With Air & Fire brewing it made for a pressure cooker between heart space & personal power struggles.

Lots of cross words, lashing out.

People abusing their power, manipulation & trying to regain or remain in control.

Some did complete back flips.

Too much fire leads to anger, jealousy, resentment & it takes your breathe & heart space away & consuming & destroying everything in its path.

Some have great sadness lifting from heart & soul, lifetimes of it & clearing for the collective.

Some purged their greatest pain & suffering.

But it was perfectly designed by the University of Life to push you through any boundaries or remaining limiting belief systems.

Did you finally snap or short circuit?

Did you say enough is enough?

Were you pushed beyond your limits?

Did you over indulge or party too hard?

Did you get out of control or balance?

Did you feel like you crashed & burnt?

Or were you the mighty Phoenix rising from the ashes in all your magnificent glory?

Did you finally learn your lessons?

Do you know your worth?

Did you put strong healthy boundaries around you, your time, kindness, love & light?

Did you finally say not my monkeys not my circus?

Did you surrender?

Did you wave the white flag & say I just can’t keep sacrificing myself for others anymore?

Can you feel the sweet space in surrender?

Can you just let go & love you now?

Can you see a new way to be, think, act, react, live & love are appearing?

Did you have some big life questions to ponder & answers to find?

Do you have your eye on the target & now you are ready to take aim & land bang on target?

Today we have a 27/9 day, the ending/completion of a very long, hard, exhausting cycle, with 11 month & 11 Universal year.

What a year it’s been of Awakening, Self Mastery, Consciousness, Oneness.

So today please slow down, take some deep breathes, let out a big sign or groan, let your shoulders drop, let that weight go off your back & just be.

Be still, find your sacred space.

Use the Saggy Fire to transform & transmute any lower vibrations, thoughts, pain & suffering & energy to the highest consciousness.

Then you can forge forward.

Your truth & heart essence is waiting for you to embrace, empower & walk forward together.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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