Energy Update 8/11/2018 New Moon Blessings

Energy Update

New Moon Blessings


Overnight at 2.31am (Adel) Grandmother Moon birthed a new cycle, our New Moon in Scorpio.

Can you feel a shift?

The air is lighter, stiller, the turbulence & whirlpool of emotions that were threatening to consume so many have reached their crescendo & now the storm feels like its passed.

Like it feels after a big storm and the next day you wake up wondering what just happened and you see the sun is shining, you survived it with not too much damage, and that life goes on.

Many have been pushed beyond their limits to shatter, walk away, let go, release & reveal their deepest darkest pain & sufferings.

Great spiritual vision & insight has now been bestowed upon the strong & brave.

Who have lived through & faced their worst nightmares & fears, overcome adversity & huge personal struggles & challenges, to now be sitting on the shores, on solid ground.

We aren’t the same anymore.

Great truth has been revealed.

Masks have fallen or been severely dislodged to see truth.

Many fell on their swords of judgement forgetting the double edge, what you sow you now reap.

Life has certainly changed us.

The University of Life is calling upon its Masters of their own destiny onwards & upwards to higher consciousness, insight, knowing, connections, communities, Oneness.

Now you know how you can be of service.

To yourself, to your family, with your work, to your community.

We all know 100% who or what doesn’t serve us now.

But are you brave enough now to walk your walk not just talk the talk?

For now your new beginnings await.

We are all literally being rebirthed.

We are shedding many layers that aren’t our belief systems, moral compass, heart truths, soul vibrations.

If it doesn’t match it repulses & repels big time now.

It’s authentic & real or its gone.

We aren’t the old, becoming the new.

Think about that for a moment.

I bet there’s been mighty changes in you & your world this year.

The north node just shifted to Cancer (families/communities)

Pluto – the bottom falls out of your world

Venus – beauty, balance, peace

Scorpio – death/endings to birth/rebirth

Moon – new moon, cycles Feminine

Sun – life force, Masculine

Can you see what the cosmos has designed for us, our realignment & rebirth.

The balancing of the Masculine/Feminine within us & all relationships & friendships.

So Dear Ones

How are you going to live & be now?

Who are you?

Why are you here?

What is your purpose?

How are you to be of service?

What do you do naturally & well, start or look there for your truth?

How do you feel about yourself, your life?

Are you ready to love, honor, respect & be authentically you?

Spiritual vision is given to those who live in truth.

We are all truth speakers & truth seekers now on our spiritual journey home to self, to our hearts, to our I Am essence.

We are all coming home to be human beings again not human doings.

And what a wonderful world that will be.

Dream your world into being Dear Ones.

Use your spiritual insight & knowing.

You have held this knowing for eons.

Remember who you are.

Remember why you agreed to come to Earth.

You know what challenges & life lessons you have been dealt & overcome.

Now you turn the battles & wounds into wisdom & those scars remind you where you fought & survived, you wear them with pride, for they are your life lessons and you were victorious.

It’s the most prized incarnation of your soul for its evolution.

We descend from our pure essence of love & light into human form on a mighty spiritual journey.

It’s all designed for you to love all aspects of you whole again, then we go home to the light & pure source.

So give yourself permission to be free, unique, vibrant, alive, empowered.

There is only one you.

You are perfect in your uniqueness.

After all we are now well on our journey of Self Mastery & becoming the Master of our Destiny.

New Moon Blessings.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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