When you begin to awaken

When you begin to awaken,

Remember ………..

As you release your deepest pain & suffering it’s not always pretty.

You can have huge mood swings.

You can go from sobbing, anger, short tempered, frustrated, short circuiting mentally, or an emotional wreck.

You can easily slip into primal survival mode of flight (run & get out as fast as you can) or fight (stand toe to toe, facing your enemy or greatest fear).

As the ugliness purges from deep within you, the equivalent, or polarity, will now be seen or surfacing.

You will be dealing with the fallout in your world.

We try to hide or run from our shadow self, because we perceive, been told, or feel ashamed of our broken aspects, our haunted memories, our cruel lives, our broken hearts, our depression or anxiety, our stress & worry, our deepest fears, pain & suffering.

And sadly, we’ve masterfully learnt to bury or protect them to our own detriment.

All these triggers effect you & every relationship you have.

You attract the very person/teachers continually to mirror, trigger, project these at you to bring them to the surface for healing.

Did you know until you deal with them you will continually project your wounding onto others?

You will blame everyone else for your shortcomings.

You will choose to remain a victim until you have had enough of the pain & suffering & realise your worth.

You will stop giving discounts.

You won’t endure crap to people please.

You know the work it takes to ascend, become conscious.

You know you have to find, love & nurture all of you to become whole again.

When you begin to awaken layers are shed.

It’s a mighty process of shattering, splattering, shedding & becoming.

But aren’t you worth it?

Have you finally realised you deserve happiness?

Are you ready to love & nurture you?

Just imagine how much better or awesome you could be if you reclaimed even another 10% of your essence or you finally faced the very fear that haunts you?

But there is a right & wrong way to change.

There is the potential for wrath, revenge & deep regret now.

Some things aren’t meant to be repaired, it’s release & let go time.

You may need to find love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, understanding, tolerance, as you or a loved one goes through their dark night of the soul & major shifts.

Love is the key.

Love can move mountains.

Love always finds a way.

If you aren’t coping, please reach out to your trusted inner sanctum.

And if it’s beyond a families love & abilities, please reach out & get the professional help & support you need.

It’s a mighty rebirth time.

If a scenario, relationship, habit or friendship no longer serves you it will be explosive now.

There are & will be many brutal endings happening now, if you refuse to go with the flow at this time.

You must face those deep, dark emotions & bring them to the light, to the surface, for healing.

But all of this is a Rites of Passage, a test, a challenge, a new way forward, they are only for your highest good.

They are your lessons in Self Mastery.

Hold strong dear ones,

Let it go………

Let your life & love now flow.

You are back on the shores, your new beginnings await.

But what will they look like?

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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