Welcome September

Welcome September

Well the calendar says it’s Spring but Mother Nature knows it’s still 3 weeks away with the Spring Equinox Sunday 23 September.

But Spring is in the air.

The birds are singing, the bulbs are all popping their heads out from the ground.

The pruned trees are full of new blossom & new growth.

We shift into our 9th month & strongly into the Virgo Earth energy.

So 9 – is the number of completion or cycles.

We finally get to complete all of this last cycle which has been one of the most extreme energetic upgrades I have ever walked through.

Nothing is the same.

We get to earth, ground, consolidate.

We get to plant & activate those sacred seeds as we step forward with our new found energy, life, belief systems.

Spring is the time of abundance as everything literally springs back to life from its winter slumber.

The days grow longer, the sun starts shining and we feel like we too are coming back to life.

And we are.

Virgo energy may have you beautifying & decluttering your world.

It’s important to let go, to create the space.

We must always have completion or endings before our new beginnings.

So enjoy this wonderful time of growth & expansion.

What abundance are you about to birth into your world?

The possibilities are endless…….

Dream big dear ones, we have journeyed long & hard to get to this point, let’s make it count now.

We start to head deep within as the moon wanes, heading into the dark moon cycle preceding our New Moon & New beginnings next weekend.

We are nearly through it.

The light is returning.

But for now we are engaged & in the birth canal, the next week will birth you & your new world.

I wish you love in your heart & light in your soul.

May we nurture & embrace ourselves.

Inspiring & supporting each other to be the best versions of self.

Building loving & mutually beneficial relationships & friendships.

To build happiness & joy.

To live your life your way.

To create the world we want to live & thrive in, not run away & hide from.

As I unclutter my life I am free to hear & answer the callings of my soul.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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