Welcome Scorpio

Welcome Scorpio


Today the Sun moves into the energy of Scorpio for the next month.

It is depicted by the mighty Scorpion & is the deepest feeling of the shadow self & emotions of all the water signs.

This energy is transformational.

Scorpio energy is all about death, sometimes in the physical, but it’s all about endings, transformation & rebirth.

What has come to the end of a cycle?

What or whom is no longer useful to you?

What emotions no longer serve you?

What habits, addictions, attitudes, environments, relationships no longer serve you?

What emotional rollercoaster ride do you always find yourself on?

Is it time for you to jump back in for a deep emotional roller coaster ride to learn a mighty lesson once & for all or are you done & getting out of your turmoil?

It is a deeply sensitive feeling energy.

But beware, for in the negative, you can also fall into a black abyss of emotions, literally drowning in your own fear, destruction, self abuse & self worth issues.

Scorpio energy in the positive loves completely & totally with great lust & passion. However, it can be cruel, brutal, ruthless & destructive in the negative.

The sting of the mighty Scorpion is legendary. It’s lethal & will pierce your heart if you let it. It’s wrath can paralyze you emotionally.

Some may feel that they are dying a slow painful death inside, and on an emotional or soul level you are. Because these are the old outdated belief systems, patterns, triggers, baggage, mirrors.

The lost, broken, betrayed, abused or forgotten aspects of you, that lay deep within & cause you so much pain & suffering.

You get to choose now.

Are you ready to rebirth?

Are you ready to rebuild you & your world?

But to do that you must let go of all that no longer serves you, to become or start the mighty transformation back to your pure essence again.

Use this mighty energy to transform you, your world, your outdated belief systems, your deepest fears & pains.

Bring them to the surface to receive the love & light that is missing. That is the gift this energy gives you, if you are brave enough to do the journey & work.

For there must be endings, which are often painful & can be brutal with this energy, to create the space, to birth the new beginnings.

So the Universe is urging you to use this powerful transformational energy that is flowing in now. Combined with the universal 11 year, the year of Self Mastery, we are getting a brutal kick now if we have resisted the growth.

Combined with our upcoming Full Moon energies of Taurus, (Earth) coming in full flight now Grandmother Moon is also shining her mighty light & wisdom to help guide your way home, to solid ground, to the shore, to new foundations.

But don’t be stubborn like a bull or you will be in for one mighty ride.

I hear “Child you will finally learn how to love yourself completely again. See yourself as I do with great love in all your aspects. The fracturing is just the parts of you that you have forgotten about. But we see all of you in your Divine Essence, and now is the time for your deepest reflections. I am flooding your world with Angels now to help transform, transmute & illuminate. To herald the return of love & light. Hold on dear ones, you are loved beyond limits, for there are no limits to you, we are one.

When you remember this, great change will come.”

It is time.

Think of the butterfly, it has to want to be a butterfly so much, it is willing to let go of its life as it’s known as a grub.

It binds itself into a cocoon, taking a leap of faith, letting go of the old, all it knew was true. It has to struggle to break the bindings of its cocoon as it outgrows it’s old self, transforming & receiving its magnificent wings as it becomes a beautiful butterfly.

Energetically this is what is happening to you.

Be brave dear ones, be very brave now, for you are rebirthing & becoming your authentic self.

And if the darkness falls so hard, I will comfort you, surrounding you with love & light until you can find your own way again.

Remember it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Call my name, say a prayer, reach out to loved ones, we will comfort you, there will be guidance, there will be a way through this, but you must want it to happen.

You are the change.

Hang on help is on its way.

But you must remember to ask, this to is a valuable & mighty lesson.

And if a family member, loved one or friend is struggling, please reach out & get professional help.

Sometimes our love just can’t do it all, and the situation is beyond your scope of understanding, it may take a team to support & nurture you back home to self.

We all must learn to give & receive.

To know when to wave the white flag.

To love & nurture ourselves as the Divine & Sovereign Beings that we are & were born to be.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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