Spring Equinox & Welcome Libra

Spring Equinox & Welcome Libra

Sunday 23/9/2018

Blessings to all as the mighty Wheel of Life turns, heralding the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, Mother Nature says its officially Spring.

This morning at 11.24am (Adel) is the balance point.

It’s Rebirth time.

New life, new growth, your dreams are ready to flourish & bloom into life.

Today marks the balance of equal daylight & darkness.

All is coming into balance.

From this point on the light grows.

Turn to face the Sun & the shadows will fall behind you.

It also heralds the shift into Libran Energy.

Once again balance, as Libra is depicted by the scales of balance, it’s literally a breathe of fresh air, lifting us all up & blown out the cobwebs, returning everything to balance & harmony, as it strives to deliver this in your world.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love & beauty.

It’s energy gifts & wants to deliver you just that.

The need for beauty, harmony, peace, balance in your world will be great & needed.

It is also about truth & justice.

In the tarot the Libran high arcana card is the mighty scales of truth but it also wields the mighty sword of justice or is the truth seeker.

It is the time for great truth to be lived & spoken, to know & nurture self.

You will no longer be able to live a lie.

It will go against your integrity or honour & we just can’t do that anymore.

So if there has been an injustice done to you, or untruths, beware, for nothing will make Libran energy release wrath like lies, untruths, manipulation or users.

All will be revealed & it won’t be pretty.

It is time to wield your mighty sword of truth to sever ties once & for all, for nobody has the right to harm, control or diminish you.

This will restore your peace, balance & harmony in your world.

The truth may be brutal but it will set you free.

But beware it is a double edged sword, do not wield it for ill gain or manipulation.

If you are the one to sit in judgement, be prepared to stand by that judgement, for you too will be judged, or die by the sword as you learn the truth.

Buy or even better pick from your garden a bright happy bunch of spring flowers.

This is symbolic & makes a statement that this is what you want & will bring, this beautiful energy into your home, then into your life.

Get out into nature, get out in the sunshine, put your feet on the earth, look at all the beauty & abundance that surrounds you.

Plug back into life, the Universe is saying come on Dear Ones, let’s play, let’s have fun, let’s feel alive, let’s find joy & happiness together again.

It is time Child, it is time.

Let the Fair Maiden & Beautiful Goddess out to play.

The Divine Mother says, my beloved child you are free to roam over the fields filled with new life & with me always now, no more fear, no more pain, blossom wild & free now dear one, grow & blossom.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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