Soul Mates

Before you attract your soul mate,

First you must discover your own soul.

Like attracts like.

Connection creates connections.

The level your soul vibrates at attracts your partners, friendships, soul tribe, life.

How can you attract something if there is no connection to it?

How light & empowered is your soul & vibration?

Do you want to remain broken & continue to attract the broken ones?

Do you continually seem to be having the same patterns, triggers & situations happening in your world?

Do you continually attract what you don’t want anymore?

There’s your key.

Change your vibration.

Change your focus & your thoughts.

Change who you hang out with do they empower or diminish you?

Do people suck you dry?

Do you have to learn to say no to things that are disrespectful & insult you to the very core?

Do you know your own worth?

Do you even know your own moral compass & not negotiables?

Do you enforce & live by them?

Or are they just lip service?

Are you getting real with yourself about your own self abuse & self sabotage?

Are you playing the victim?

Are you rising again into a wiser, stronger, focused version of you?

Are you growing into your heart & soul sacred space?

Are you starting to reconnect to life?

Are you inspired to embrace life?

Are you yearning or following those dreams?

Are you loving you?

Because it’s all about you dear ones,

You are the hero of your story.

You are the Master of your destiny.

You are the one responsible for liberating & empowering your soul.

So are you?

Or are you the damsel in distress, waiting, thinking or expecting a knight on a white horse with shining armor will save you?

Or are you a strong, independent, wise, empowered & open hearted person embracing life & enjoying the miracles & blessings this vibration attracts?

It’s all up to you………

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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