Sometimes …….

Sometimes you just have to let go of control, to take a leap of faith, to stop worrying & wondering how everything will turn out.

Do a Nike – Just Do It !!

All of our pain & suffering comes from not speaking, living or knowing our truth.

Once we get the truth you may not like it.

You may need to chew it over & spit the bitter taste out of your mouth, but it will be exactly what you need not want.

For the truth will always set you free.

You are your prison warden keeping you locked in a place or time.

Will you love yourself enough to set yourself free?

And could you be better off with the change?

Can you rise to the challenge?

Can you speak & own your truth?

You can be guaranteed that if it’s a burning desire from deep inside if you take the plunge & have a leap of faith, that it just may turn out bigger & better than you ever dared to let yourself hope & dream.

For the heart & soul then know what they want & lead the way forward.

The mind no longer the master but a loyal servant.

Sometimes you just have to trust & believe that you will build the world you want & so much more.

That you deserve to be loved & happy, ready to free fall into your beautiful life.

It may not be how you planned.

You went through much to learn, grow & love yourself back whole.

But it will be how it’s meant to be.

Get yourself out of the way, stop sabotaging your happiness or self prophecising your greatest fear & pain.

Are you ready to give & receive love?

Are you willing to be happy?

Are you finally ready to receive what blessings you have earnt & are waiting for you?

After all we are now the Master of our Destiny,

So what is your future looking like?

You hold the key to your future & happiness.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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