Self Acceptance

Self acceptance

Most of us spend our entire lives trying to earn the acceptance or approval of others.

When all we really need to do is accept ourselves and allow others to love us for who we are.

Think about it……..

All those years trying to please your parents, teachers, boss, family beliefs, education system.

What level of formal education did you need to achieve to feel smart, accepted or just to feel better than another?

Have you moulded you on the society standard of get a job, get married, have 2.2 kids, send your kids to private schools, live in a house you can’t afford & work a job you hate just to make ends meet & be accepted?

What about social status?

How many of us validate our happiness on how many likes or followers you have, whilst you are painting one picture or illusion to the world but living in your own pain & hell.

We conform or get programmed into being comfortably numb, like a flock of sheep, or on autopilot.

What about your relationship, do you diminish yourself to not upset others?

Do you sabotage or compromise your truth, integrity or belief systems just to belong & fit it?

Do you work in a job you hate just to get a pay check but feel empty inside?

Do you wear your hair the colour you like?

I copped so many peoples opinions when 2 years ago at 53 I decided to stop colouring my hair & let my silver crown flow.

I can’t tell you the shock waves that sent through so many women, literally horrified that I didn’t care less what anyone else thinks or does & that I actually love my silver crown & authentic self.

Yet since I’ve done this and stuck to it, I’ve seen I’ve been a pioneer, leading the way. Now so many women say to me that I inspire them because I’m my authentic self & happy living my life my way & just being me.

Do you dress in clothes that you like to wear & feel good in or what the latest fashion trends are?

The list is endless, what do you sacrifice for acceptance?

It’s all up to you.

As long as you want to fit in, you are not loving & honouring you, because you are relying on an outside source to validate you.

You are negotiating, diminishing, sabotaging & trading aspects of you.

Because the right people will adore & accept you just the way you are.

If you have to pretend to be someone else or dim yourself down becoming a shadow of yourself to fit in, you may seriously need to look at why you feel this way or allow this.

Do you really belong there?

Are you dying a slow painful death inside not being seen, heard, loved, nurtured, accepted, feeling safe?

After all these are our basic primal earthly needs.

You have to learn to love, honour, accept, nurture & protect you.

We teach people how to treat us, so do you know your worth?

You are perfectly you.

We don’t need carbon copies, clones & mini me, we need to be authentically us.

Remember you are perfectly you for a reason.

When you love all of you in your pure essence, you will radiate love & light from within, showing that essence to the world.

Then we rise & shine.

Our I Am essence & heart guiding us.

We blossom & get our wings.

We attract real love.

We find & attract our soul mate, purpose or soul tribe because they can finally find us.

Then we belong.

We have found & created heaven on earth.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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